RCD-Totaline® has unveiled a special promotion aimed at incentivizing technicians toward more frequent use of Factory Authorized Parts (F.A.P.) in Carrier®, Bryant® or Payne® equipment repairs. RCD Totaline is a business unit of Carrier Corp., part of the United Technologies Corp. group of companies.

Sources report that the program offers price discounts on more than 1,000 key cooling Factory Authorized Parts, including motors and compressors sold to participating distributors in 2010. And, a number of key heating Factory Authorized Parts will be discounted September 1, 2010.

A number of key heating Factory Authorized Parts
will be discounted September 1, 2010.

"Special incentives and advanced sales center trainings are being provided to solidify Totaline’s position as the best place to go for Factory Authorized Parts," says Totaline Vice-President and General Manager Greg Deldicque. “In consideration of the current difficult economic environment, we wanted to help both distributors and dealers provide better value and be more competitive by eliminating their need to cut corners using parts that, in some situations, may negatively affect their customers.”

Carrier®, Bryant® and Payne® brands, through website information, warranty manuals, and other communications, are working to heighten consumer awareness of the importance of using Factory Authorized Parts in their equipment.

Program seeks to help distributors and dealers
provide better value and be more competitive.

“We expect consumers will know to ask their technicians for Factory Authorized Parts whenever a replacement is necessary. Consumers have a keen interest in making sure their warranty covers all parts used on their equipment,” says Richard Fletcher of Carrier Corporation, parent company to all three brands.

Benefits of F.A.P. use include time savings in repair, warranty protection for the consumer, and UL/CSA approval preservation.

“With all F.A.P. products, electrical connections, lead lengths, and mounting characteristics are exact," explains Deldicque. "By using F.A.P., servicing is easier and faster, and you ensure not only the original efficiency of the system remains intact, but the engineered sound requirements meet rigorous factory run life specifications. They're the right choice for both contractors and customers.”

Training Emphasis Included
The program also takes a fresh look at training. RCD Totaline will be working more closely with Totaline sales centers in 2010 to ensure counter sales people are even better trained to support technicians with their F.A.P. needs.

“It's our constant goal to provide dealers with the best trained counter sales people in the industry,” Deldicque says.

As an added technician incentive to using F.A.P. in 2010, Totaline sales centers have improved their “FREE STUFF” promotion to include CD boom boxes, MP3 players, sports watches and fishing rod and reels. Technicians and dealers who purchase Carrier, Bryant or Payne F.A.P. are eligible to receive FREE STUFF items.

Visit totaline.com for additional information.