Rehau — authorized re-seller of Mc4Suite 2006 — announced its 2007 schedule of software training sessions. The sessions are designed for professionals who are interested in the use and benefits of Rehau’s AutoCAD-compatible mechanical design software for radiant heating, fire protection, HVAC duct and plumbing system design.
The 2007 Mc4Suite 2006 training sessions are facilitated by REHAU experts in cross-linked polyethylene (PEX) piping, radiant heating and snow and ice-melting systems, PEX plumbing, and fire protection systems and design software.
The four-day course includes comprehensive demonstration tutorials and hands-on training with the software program’s full scope of design options. Each session will offer two separate trainings, Non-Graphical and Graphical.
An optional AutoCAD Basics course will be offered between the two training sessions.
Mc4Suite 2006 is a stand-alone solution for designing radiant heating, fire protection, HVAC duct and plumbing systems. The software also provides a convenient project design materials inventory.
To register for a Mc4Suite training session or receive a free 15-day software trial, contact Rehau at 866/430-2215 or