The Service Roundtable announced at HVAC Comfortech that its website is fully launched, allowing contractors access to sales, marketing, and business tools. The Service Roundtable is a new contractor group that provides contractors with a steady stream of sales, marketing, and business tools, delivered weekly over the Internet, for $50/month. Chairman of the Roundtable is Lee Rosenberg, and Matt Michel is CEO and president. Both of these founders of the group are members of Contracting Business magazine’s Editorial Advisory Board. "I'm thrilled to be part of a group with so many legendary contractors," says Michel, "What an opportunity! When people like Lee Rosenberg, Mitch Cropp, Larry Taylor, Jim Nicholas, and others decided they want to form contractor group, I knew this would take the industry by storm. Imagine being able to get a hold of the best practices from the best contractors in the country. It's a slam dunk." A 20-year veteran of the HVAC industry, Michel is well known to contractors. In addition to stints with leading manufacturers, such as Lennox and Titus, Michel started one of the industry's first contractor groups and grew it to national recognition before joining the marketing research firm Decision Analyst. Michel publishes the popular Comanche Marketing e-mail newsletter and is the author of "Never Lose a Customer: Ten Steps to Creating an Outstanding Customer Retention Program." In addition to a bank of existing material, such as direct mail pieces, brochures for technicians to use, replacement sales tools, and more, the Service Roundtable recently released a proposal stuffer that is designed to help contractors counter low bid competitors. The group is committed to releasing one or more business tools each week. Rosenberg notes that more than 60 contractors signed up during the pre-launch period. "And they signed up despite the fact we have done very little marketing as yet." The reaction of the Service Roundtable's initial members has been strong and positive. ""I have received more information from the Service Roundtable than I ever received from other contractor groups and alliances I've joined, at considerably less expense – and it’s still in its embryonic stage," says contractor Edd Olson. Olson Energy in Seattle is ACCA's 2002 Residential Excellence Award Winner. Contractors interested in learning more about the Service Roundtable can visit the Service Roundtable website,