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You Can't Hit a Target You Can't See
Ever dumped money on direct mail letters that got absolutely no response? Or perhaps you got a response, but from the wrong prospects… you know, the “price-shoppers” or those unable to finance who still find time to waste your time while “just checking around.”
Mega Marketing: 2008 Victims & Victors
Back when I was growing up – which is weird, since I’m not grown up yet – astrology was just catching on. Signs of the Zodiac, the Age of Aquarius, and predictions by ladies with too much eye makeup were everywhere.
Indoor Air Quality - Myth or Money Generator
If you’re in the HVAC industry and you’ve heard anything about Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), you know it’s important. You know that energy efficient homes seal in and recirculate the same germs, allergens, and chemicals. You know this can cause health issues for occupants within the home. You know that indoor air can be 12 times more polluted that the air outside.
Your Instant HVAC Marketing Plan
“Fail to plan. Plan to fail.” Harsh words indeed, but painfully accurate – especially when you realize that some HVAC contractors have no marketing plan.
Mega Marketing: From Boring to Soaring
“… And in today’s economic news, we have footage of Chicken Little wearing a hardhat, applying for Federal assistance.”
MegaMarketing: His Epiphany, Your Profit
I’m not used to being shocked, stunned, and nearly speechless – or at least I wasn’t until I started paying attention at the gas pump. But this question that I received from a reader left me, frankly, a bit flabbergasted
How To Fail in Business Without Really Trying
I'm fortunate to count as friends some of the top consultants in the industry. These folks stay booked all year, doing individual consults, speaking to
How To Create Customers Out of Thin Air
Quiz Time: Who do you think is more important to your business: a) someone who is your customer, or b) someone who is not your customer? Now, I know thats
Mega Marketing: Find Hidden Money In Mistakes
I’ve got a fondness for old houses, old cars, and old buildings too. So, on any given day, things are breaking all around me, “just because.” I’ve got contractors on speed-dial (though some have me on call-block) relative to every system that can fail, which of course means all of them. To contractors, I am a walking invoice.
Nothing proves a marketing concept better than monetary results. Thats what we all want. And thats why I was especially pleased recently to hear of one
Mega Marketing: The Power of the Word "Free"
Truths don’t change. There’s a saying I love: “You must give to get.” It works in business, friendships, marriage, and child raising.
Marketing That Solves Your Customer's Problem
In a sales interaction, which thought is most likely to run through your head: This customer is a problem or This customer has a problem? The one-word difference speaks volumes about your potential for sales and marketing success.
How well you close is perhaps the ultimate judge of your sales success. But how you open has a lot to do with whether or not you get to close at all!
Eight Reasons You Should Be Ashamed for Missing Comfortech 2008
I’ve been going to Comfortech for 10 straight years, and I’ve learned how these things operate. I know the “sneaky” things they don’t put in their glossy brochures.So they asked me to “write something” on Comfortech, but failed to give me boundaries, and instructions. (I bet they don’t make that mistake again!)
Train Your Techs to Sell, or Watch Your Business Fail
Contractors tend to assume that their technicians “just know” what to do once they’re in a customer’s home. To an extent that’s true. They know that they are there to solve the customer’s problem as quickly and efficiently as possible.




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