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Charlie Greer has put this presentation on a single audio CD called, "Quantifying Quality: How to BEAT LOW-BIDDERS. For more info on that product, and all of Charlie Greer's sales training, call 1-800-963-HVAC (4822) or go to, or call 1-800-963-HVAC (4822). E-mail Charlie at

Never adopt the attitude during a call that the customer isn't going to buy, and is therefore, wasting your time. You're only wasting your time on them if you're a lousy closer.
How to Get Big HVAC Sales During Slow Times
"If I didn't make a sale on the first door on knocked, I knew it was going to be a difficult morning. But that was a rare occurrence."
How to Make Off-season HVAC Replacement Sales
You don’t need the phone to ring or spend a lot of money on advertising to make plenty of replacement sales.
It's All In Your Head
If you must believe what some say — that HVACR has "slow seasons" — try to make it work to your advantage, with "slow season" sales.
Shut. Up. — And Other 2017 Sales Resolutions
The common sense advice continues from 'Tec Daddy' Charlie Greer. Have you been listening?
Your Final Exit, and Collecting
This is the final installment in Charlie Greer's year-long series devoted to the essential steps to every HVAC service call.
Running the Call; Step 11: Making the HVAC Repairs
The manner in which you work can win over unhappy — even irate — HVAC customers … and anyone can do it.
Make Sure HVAC Customers Know You’re Serious

They don’t always buy right away.
Some people have a terrible time making decisions.

Presenting the Price and Closing an HVAC Sale
You’ve established the need and the sense of urgency for everything on the list. That’s called “presenting,” and anyone can do that. Now you’ve got to close it.
COMFORTECH PREVIEW: Preparing to Present
The most difficult part of becoming a top HVAC salesperson, and the most skipped part, is preparation.
COMFORTECH PREVIEW: Charlie Greer's 'Paper Towel Close'
EFFECTIVE CLOSING should be part of your strategy to beat low-bidders. As part of his multi-step series in sales excellence, upcoming COMFORTECH 2016 presenter Charlie Greer shares one of his best, legitimate sales techniques. He says new technology, going paperless, and having neat paperwork are one thing; making residential HVAC sales is another.
The HVAC 'Repair vs. Replace' Scenario
'Repair vs. Replace' scenarios are tricky, because, once you bring up the topic of replacing the customer’s equipment, you stand the risk of the customer deciding to get bids, and you can wind up getting neither.
How to Run Air Conditioning Tune-up Calls
It probably costs you over $200 to generate a pre-season tune-up, and even more to run it. If your techs are only collecting for the tune-ups and maybe upgrading them to service agreements, you’re losing money on them.
Running the HVAC Call: The Complete Inspection  2
A complete HVAC system inspection on every single call is truly the road to a higher average service invoice.
A Superior Level of Service: Running the Call 
The Service Call begins before you knock on the door, and continues through to your greeting, your behavior towards the customer, and discussion of solutions.




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