Dominick Guarino

Chief Executive Officer,
National Comfort Institute

Dominick Guarino is CEO of National Comfort Institute (NCI), (, the nation’s premier Performance-Based training,
certification, and membership organization, focused on helping contractors grow and become more profitable. His email is For more info on performance-based contracting, go to or call NCI at 800/633-7058.

Are You Checking Customer HVAC Systems Vital Signs?
The key is consistency and making initial testing mandatory on every service call – as well as new installations.
Cybersecurity: Do You Have a Plan?

With everything you have to deal with in your contracting business, there’s a good chance the last thing you’re worrying about is “cybersecurity.”

What Color is Your Ocean?
By adapting a "blue ocean" strategy, contractors can differentiate themselves in their marketplace and provide products and services with little or no competition.
Three Reasons Why DOE’s New Proposed Efficiency Standards Are So Wrong
Proposed efficiency standards from the Department of Energy could raise homeowner costs, jeopardize already agreed-upon standards, and cause larger home carbon footprints.
A Great Coach Can Make All The Difference
A coach is someone who will hold your hand and kick your butt at the same time.
WHPA Is Truly Raising The Bar For California
The Western HVAC Performance Alliance has become one of the country's most comprehensive and eclectic collections of individuals from all sectors of the Energy Efficiency and HVAC industries.
Home Performance: Lessons from 1995
The best tool for the HVAC professional interested in building a business that helps homeowners solve their safety, health, comfort, and energy efficiency problems is a thorough knowledge of the entire house and its HVAC system.
Advance Energy Auditor is testing the energy performance of a home
Integrating Performance-based Services Into Your Residential HVAC Contracting Company
It's time to make integrating performance-based contracting into your residential HVAC contracting firm a priority. Here are some tips on how to do so.
Residential Home Performance as an HVAC Service: Part 2
Do you think about home performance as integral to the comfort services you offer customers? In the residential HVAC industry, this is becoming a more key question every day. The answer could be the difference between success and something less.
Home Performance as an HVAC Customer Service
Think of your residential HVAC contracting company as providing “home performance as a service,” instead of one-shot home performance fixes for rebates. That is the future of the residential mechanical systems industry.
HVAC Contractors: If You Don't Measure, You're Just Guessing
In the HVAC contracting trades, taking measurements needs to go beyond the technical and must also apply to the business management side of running a company.
Photo from Jeff Dobbins' blog, "Walks of New York"
HVACR Contractors: 12 Resolutions for a Stellar 2014
HVAC contractors need to post goal boards in centralized areas of the company. Goal boards can be used to track virtually any key performance indicator that can be measured in your mechanical systems company.
Residential HVAC Contractors: Sell "Total Cost of Ownership" And Win
It’s a known fact that HVAC system performance is the heart of a home’s overall energy and comfort performance. Now you can sell that and win.
HVAC System Thermostat Wars: We Need to Provide Education, Not Seek Legislation 3
Selling and installing thermostats is no longer the sole domain of the HVAC mechanical systems contractor. Homeowners can do it themselves and so can other entities. It's time to up your game.
An HVAC Industry History Lesson: Let’s Not Forget About Comfort
They say that history tends to repeat itself. The question is do we ever learn the lessons from history? In the HVAC mechanical systems industry, let's learn from our past and remember that comfort is the basis of everything we do.

May 12, 2015

How to GET and KEEP More of the Business You Want

It costs $1 to keep a customer, $7 to get a new one. Attend this webinar and learn how you can you keep more of the business you have, improve close ratios and manage your business more effectively and efficiently....More
Jun 2, 2015

Speeding up HVAC Field Processes

This webinar will cover how to overcome the pain points associated with HVAC and Plumbing paper form processes, and detail the benefits of switching to mobile forms for field data collection....More


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