Dominick Guarino

Chief Executive Officer,
National Comfort Institute

Dominick Guarino is CEO of National Comfort Institute (NCI), (, the nation’s premier Performance-Based training,
certification, and membership organization, focused on helping contractors grow and become more profitable. His email is For more info on performance-based contracting, go to or call NCI at 800/633-7058.

Photo from Jeff Dobbins' blog, "Walks of New York"
HVACR Contractors: 12 Resolutions for a Stellar 2014
HVAC contractors need to post goal boards in centralized areas of the company. Goal boards can be used to track virtually any key performance indicator that can be measured in your mechanical systems company.
Residential HVAC Contractors: Sell "Total Cost of Ownership" And Win
It’s a known fact that HVAC system performance is the heart of a home’s overall energy and comfort performance. Now you can sell that and win.
HVAC System Thermostat Wars: We Need to Provide Education, Not Seek Legislation 3
Selling and installing thermostats is no longer the sole domain of the HVAC mechanical systems contractor. Homeowners can do it themselves and so can other entities. It's time to up your game.
An HVAC Industry History Lesson: Let’s Not Forget About Comfort
They say that history tends to repeat itself. The question is do we ever learn the lessons from history? In the HVAC mechanical systems industry, let's learn from our past and remember that comfort is the basis of everything we do.
Home Performance Belongs to the HVAC Industry 1
Most HVAC contractors have the inherent skills and tools to make homes work properly, and in harmony woth the HVAC system. Is there any value to thrid parties verifying your work, especially when righ now, they know very olittle about mechanical systems?
Is the HVAC System of the Future Here Today?
If you could build the ultimate HVAC system, what would it look like? With the technology available today, the residential and commercial system design possibilities are simply amazing. Columnist Dominick Guarino "imagineers" a futuristic HVAC system built with today's technology.
Twelve Resolutions For A Banner 2013
Here are a dozen resolutions you can make to boost your business and your profits in 2013.
Last Word: Thoughts on the Business Climate Conundrum
Last month I met up with Editorial Director Mike Weil during HVAC Comfortech 2012 at Mechanical Systems Week in Chicago, where we discussed the industry, the current business climate,
2 More Challenges & Opportunities For 2012
December's Last Word focused on "Four Challenges and Opportunities for 2012". Here are two more key challenges and opportunities to think about
Four Unique Challenges and Opportunities for 2012
As you wrap up 2011 and look towards 2012, it's appropriate to pause and think about not only what challenges lie ahead, but also the opportunities these challenges can bring.
Implementation: Where the Rubber Meets the Road
Let's first take a look at some of the traits of unsuccessful implementers, then the successful ones.
Can Quality Maintenance Work in the Real World?
There's no doubt that Quality Maintenance (QM) standards are good for our industry, but many contractors attempting to comply have more questions than answers when it comes to delivering on them.
Home Performance: Time to Step Up!
Ladies and gentlemen: it's time to step up. This message is especially targeted to the need for our industry to take the lead with regards to whole house and HVAC system performance — before someone else does. Who is that someone else? The home improvement and the traditional energy auditing and home weatherization industry are going after the HVAC slice of the pie in a big way.
Social Media: Why Should I Care?
The tools and venues of electronic communications are evolving. What you see today may be completely different in just two years. This is a new chapter in society, and you can choose to be an active participant, or you can stick your head in the sand and hope everything gets back to "normal.”."
Carbon Monoxide: A Step Backwards
Recently proposed federal legislation (HR 1796) will require that carbon monoxide (CO) alarms be U.L. 2034 listed to be sold in the U.S. California just recently passed a similar law. These well-intentioned legislators don’t realize they are inadvertently attempting to close the door on the only devices that truly protect people of all ages and health conditions: low-level CO monitors.

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