Dominick Guarino

Chief Executive Officer,
National Comfort Institute

Dominick Guarino is CEO of National Comfort Institute (NCI), (, the nation’s premier Performance-Based training,
certification, and membership organization, focused on helping contractors grow and become more profitable. His email is For more info on performance-based contracting, go to or call NCI at 800/633-7058.

A Time to Build
Well, it's official. Sometime between August 13th and September 16th, 2009, the recession was declared officially over by U.S. and world leading economists.
A Second Chance for California, Part 2
Ed. note: In May of this year, Dominick Guarino participated in an HVAC Energy Efficiency Roundtable in San Francisco, CA. The Roundtable was held to
A Second Chance for California
In early May, I had the privilege of being invited to participate in a 70-person HVAC Energy Efficiency Roundtable that met for two days in San Francisco.
Make the Most of the New Tax Credits
Educate your customer to understand the value of reinvesting the tax credit into 'fixing' their system to obtain delivered performance that exceeds 90%.
Last Word: Don't Cut Too Close To The Bone
Whether perceived or real, this recession is real enough in the eyes of the consumer thanks to our 24/7 national news. It's my belief that things are
Last Word: Are You Working On Your Business-Really?
You’ve probably heard the old clich, that to grow, a company owner must work “on” his or her business, not “in” it. This is very true at so many levels. Not only is it nearly imposible to grow your company as long as you’re working “in” it, but because you’re the one controlling everything, you’re often the biggest bottleneck.
The Last Word: It's CO Season Are You Ready?
As the leaves change colors and crisp fall nights descend upon us, the spectre of carbon monoxide (CO) hangs over homes all across the country. The familiar smell of dust burning off heat exchangers is a grim reminder that we’ll soon see more news stories about families severely injured or killed by this silent killer.
9 Ways to Recession-Proof Your Company
Theres a good chance youre feeling the effects of the downturn in our economy. Some have decided not to participate and are taking measures to minimize the effects on their companies.
Lessons From Living In a Foamed House
Foam insulation has been around for quite some time, but recent improvements to the products and application methods have made this approach to insulating homes and buildings more attractive than ever. There’s a good chance you’ll work on a foamed house in the near future. If you’re lucky, you’ll be brought into a project where the entire home was foamed, or better yet, you’ll get a chance to work on a new home where you can design and install with foam insulation in mind.
What Shade Of Green Should Your Business Be?
People often ask me what my stance is on the environment, global warming, the ozone layer, and most recently, “green.” My friends know that I’m fairly skeptical about some of the science and historical perspective behind much of the environmentalist hype. I do, however, think that regardless of whether the science is good or bad, we have an obligation to be good stewards of this earth during our short visit here.
Energy Efficiency Round II - Lets Not Blow It Again!
Have you gone “green” yet? Here’s a reality check: whether you believe in global warming or not, the U.S. is jumping on the big GREEN WAVE that’s building momentum worldwide, soon to reach tsunami proportions. It’s become part of our language with words like carbon footprints, carbon credits and white tags now being bandied about in Hollywood and corporate boardrooms.
Are you fishing in the right pond?
It never fails: Im attending an industry meeting and someone says, We just cant find good people. Weve tried everything, theyre just not out there! Many
Get Out of That Truck!
A common gripe among contractors is they're just not able to "get out of the truck." In other words, they're still running service calls, installing,
The Hole' in Whole' House Performance
Over the past year or so, my organization has been training an increasing number of home energy raters. As a result, we're learning a great deal about
Educational Selling The New Frontier
In-home HVAC sales has evolved significantly over the years. Most sales training that was predominant until the mid-1980s taught high pressure tactics

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