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King Productions International

Earl King is the founder of King Productions International, a commercial HVAC contracting sales consulting firm based in Texas. He speaks to associations and HVAC trade groups, and consults with commercial contractors across the country. E-mail Earl at: rocketship9809@gmail.com or call him at 515/321-2426.

'Need Satisfaction' Selling 
Commercial building customers have some comfort needs they can identify. Far more common are the problems and needs that prospects have, but are not aware of. This is the discovered need.
Why Clients Must Vote for the Best HVAC Service Provider
Many skeptical prospective customers will not believe their present program is inadequate, and, often choose to stay with the existing service provider.
Call Reluctance: A Curable Disease
Call reluctance will worsen if not addressed. The causes are varied, but there are solutions.
'Let Me Rephrase That' — Words & Phrases to Avoid in HVAC Sales
There are words and phrases that have negative connotations for HVAC customers.
Technicians as Lead Generators
The technician has a captive audience when dispatched on a trouble call, and should be trained to spot situations and opportunities.
Commercial HVAC Technician's Role as Lead Generator
A commercial HVAC technician has a captive audience when dispatched on a trouble call. They should be trained to spot situations and sales opportunities.
How Healthy is HVAC Firm Growth?
If a company grows from five trucks to 10, and the owner takes less to the bank or even the same amount, is this healthy growth?
Bring Commercial HVAC Service Out of the Dark
Differentiating your commercial HVAC service programs is the only way to combat low-bid selling.
Creating Career Paths in HVAC
Far too many times I’ve seen a high performing salesman promoted from a job that was a sure thing into management only to see him or her fail miserably.
Firing someone for cause requires much documentation, but can save big money
Commercial HVAC Sales: "YOU'RE FIRED!"
When it comes to terminating an HVAC company employee for compromising behavior, it’s better to pay unemployment than to be on the losing end of a lawsuit.
Elmer Wheeler, America's #1 Salesman
Commercial HVAC Service Sales: Benefits Vs. Features
In the commercial HVAC world, as in any sales environment, benefit selling is the most basic, yet most overlooked, procedure in sales. Know your features, but explain how they benefit the facilities management customer.
Seven Key Commercial HVAC Employee Motivation Factors
For commercial HVAC contracting firms, sales motivation is vital for success. Motivating is an action verb, but the act of motivating takes time and planning. In other words, motivation is a continuous passive activity.
HVAC Commercial Service Agreements: Closing the Sale
Selling commercial HVAC service agreements require mechanical systems knowledge, a customer focus, and the ability to close sales.
Commercial HVAC Service: Preventive Vs. Breakdown Maintenance 
Many commercial HVAC contracting firms will sell stripped-down maintenance programs at a very low price. To counter that, you need sell the difference between a full service agreement and just breakdown service.
10 Pitfalls to Avoid in Commercial HVAC Service Sales
In the commercial HVAC world, when we have a run of “easy sales closes,” it’s tempting to leave out a step or two in the selling process to close the next deal. This is very bad.

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