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Looking at 2014 - Three Test Points
It was a half-century ago, 1964. The nation was still reeling from the impact of the Kennedy assassination. My family had just purchased a cool seven-passenger Chevy wagon. In spite of the hitting power of my hero Mickey Mantle, the St. Louis Cardinals had just overcome the Yankees in the World Series.
The Competitors and You: How do you differ?
Let’s start with a premise. Your company is better, maybe even much better, than the competition. And since we’re done with that little nicety, let’s talk specifics. You are better for the following reasons… (Insert something real, measurable and substantial here.)
What Would Happen If Salespeople Didn’t Know the Price?
What Would Happen If Salespeople Didn’t Know the Price?

When wholesalers rant, margin erosion always finds its way to the top of the concern list. Let’s take another look at the fundamentals of our selling strategy.

Essentially, wholesalers fall into four categories (and I hesitate to even consider the last for the readers of this discussion). They are:

• Solution providers.

• Value-added parts providers.

• Combination of solution and value-added providers.

• Low-cost discount house.

150,000 Reasons Why You Need an On-boarding Program

Research by industry consultant Brent Grover indicates the typical distributor invests more than $150,000 before a salesperson starts generating profit for the company. Think about this: that new guy out there struggling to figure things out is burning through dollars like a forest fire. Did this get your attention? 

The Target Driven Distributor

With this cultural background, is it any wonder so many salespeople burn their time servicing customers with little or no payback? To drive home just how pervasive this equal treatment for all ideals loom, allow me to relate a story. In distributors around the country, salespeople argue for technical support for customers lacking the potential to ever repay the investment costs of this precious commodity.

Product Knowledge Won't Sell Tomorrow
In 1968, when I was a teenager, Weatherman and radical Jerry Rubin said never trust anyone over 30. All of a sudden, I have a hard time finding anyone
Investment Strategies in the Sales Department
Standard & Poor's ratings echo in the distance, Wall Street rumblings rattle through our minds and media financial folks broadcast investment strategy
The Day Value-Added Selling Died!
Did you hear? Value-added selling is dead dead as a doornail, deader than dirt and colder than a corpse. I know what you're thinking. I, too, once considered
The Secret Weapon of Networking Profit Report Style
My dad was an oil distributor; his background was similar to many distributors of the 1950s and '60s. Out of college, he worked as a sales rep for a large
The Specialist's Guide to Spring Cleaning
Spring cleaning this hackneyed phrase fires off wave after vivid wave of right-brain neuron blasts. A faded tintype of an elderly grandmother beating
Customer Contribution Ranking the New Gross Margin
Eliminate the middleman and save! I cringe every time I hear the phrase. Those of us in wholesale distribution know nothing could be further from the
Counter Sales The Second Metamorphosis
I grew up in the auto parts business. Back in the early '60s when I was a kid going to the parts counter was an experience that changed you forever. The




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