Matt Michel

Chief Executive Officer,
The Service Roundtable

Matt Michel is CEO of the Service Roundtable ( The Service Roundtable is an organization founded to help contractors improve their sales, marketing, operations, and profitability. The Service Nation Alliance is a part of this overall organization.

Let's Start a Recruiting Arms Race!
Everyone gripes about finding technicians. Quit griping and do something. Take some lessons from the kings of recruiting: big-time college football coaches.
37 Things to Leave Behind So You’re Not Forgotten - Part 2
Here is part two of 37 things you can leave behind with customers so you’re not forgotten.
37 Things to Leave Behind So You’re Not Forgotten - Part 1

Over the past year Service Roundtable’s Vice President of Marketing, Robin Jones has asked hundreds of contractors what they leave behind following a service call so the customer won’t forget them. Over 95% leave an invoice, a business card, or maybe, a white truck magnet. Yawn. Here are 37 things you can leave behind so you’re not forgotten.

Should Leave Behinds Expire or Be Permanent?

8 Short Excerpts From Ron Smith’s New Book 

Thousands of contractors have read and benefited from Ron Smith’s book, “HVAC Spells Wealth.” Now, Ron has introduced a sequel, “’More & New’ HVAC Spells Wealth.” With Ron’s permission, here are eight short excerpts.

Stop the Hate!  1
To run a truly independent, self-sufficient, contracting business today, you must learn to love marketing.
8 Steps to Handling Criticism 
Sooner or later you are going to be criticized — by co-workers, superiors, subordinates, suppliers, competitors, customers, and even by family and friends. What's most important is how you handle it.
In Defense of Carrier 17

Unless you live under a rock, you must have heard how Carrier made national news over a pending plant closure. Whether you sell Carrier, or not, and whether you like Carrier, or not, you should defend the manufacturer because that’s defending the industry, your industry.

The Five Ways You Will Take of a Leap of Faith in Business

Some decisions are easy. These are the decisions you can quantify. You can calculate the return on investment, odds of success, etc. It’s the leap of faith that’s hard, but often necessary to surge ahead. Understanding the different forms a leap of faith can take will help you know when to jump and when to look twice.

The Unknown is Risky, And So is the Status Quo

Could a Service Like Uber Threaten Your Company? 1

Over the last 30 years, HVAC contractors have been threatened with one bogeyman after another, such as unfair utility competition, consolidation, big box retailers, and on and on. The latest is the threat from the shared economy. There is a potential threat, but it’s not what you think.

Let’s Look at the Uber Model

It's Who You Know
HVACR contractors should network within leads clubs, chambers of commerce, social media, and alumni and affinity groups.
A Contractor’s Christmas
Ron Armond was in a thoroughly foul mood. Working this Christmas Eve had been rough. But on his last call, he found that miracles do happen, and prayers are answered.
Climbing to the Top
Like climbing a mountain, building a business seems a lot easier before you start.
9 Reasons for Every HVAC Contractor to be Thankful
While the United States is not as free as it was when you were born, it remains one of the best places on earth to start a business.
Strategic Marketing – It’s Not Rocket Science
There are a million things you can do to market your company today. Companies that are most strategic (and successful) in their long-term marketing undertake this four-step process.
The Nine Surprising Outcomes of Every Termination
It's never easy to terminate a member of your team. Often, you put it off past the time when you know you should act because you hope the leopard will change his spots. Here are nine surprising outcomes of every termination.




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