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For HVAC Service Technicians: Three-Phase Voltage Measurement Principles
In the last HotMail article, Doc described the steps required to measure single phase voltage. Many HVAC contractors and technicians wrote asking for a similar article detaining how to measure three-phase voltage. So here it is.
Air conditioning service technican checking voltage on a blower motor.
The Principals of Single-phase Voltage Measurement in HVAC Systems
Correctly measuring and interpreting voltage is essential to every HVAC professional in the field. In an effort to help field techncial professionals be more accurate, here is a look at the procedures for measuring single-phase voltage.
Do You Know How To Determine HVAC Exhaust Fan Airflow?
While HVAC industry standards specifying ventilation rates are coming out of the woodwork, a practical standard describing how to measure ventilation airflows that can be applied in the field is hard to find. Here are some tips.
Testo Temperature Measurement Device
For HVAC Systems, Efficiency Measurements Are The "Delta" Difference
When measuring the performance of an HVAC system, the term 'delta' is often used to express the difference between two measurements.
What Can You Do To Improve HVAC System Performance?

One question I often hear from HVAC professionals is "Doc, if there was just one thing I could do for each system to improve performance the most, what would it be?" Let's take a look at the answer to that question as it pertains to your specific role in this industry.


For installers, seeking just one thing you could do for every system you install, the answer would be: Assure each return duct installed in an unconditioned space is completely sealed and that the proper duct insulation has no gaps.

E Instruments MP200P MP 200 P Thermo Anemometer Manometer
Heating and Cooling Equipment BTU Measurement Basics
Since BTU measurements are necessary to verify the quality of a mechanical system installation, here are some basics on how to properly make those measuresments.
How You Can Verify the Quality of Your HVAC System Installations?
Quality is a good thing when it comes to the birth of an air conditioning and heating system. What elements of a quality HVAC installation can you verify for your customers?
Home Performance: Can HVAC Contractors Partner With Energy Raters? Why Yes They Can, and Should
For many reasons, HVAC contractors generally believe that energy raters come up short when it comes to testing and diagnosting mechanical systems. Can these two groups ever work in harmony? Indeed they can.
Understanding HVACR Equipment Specifications: The Fan Tables
Each HVACR equipment manufacturer provides very specific engineering data that contains the answers to questions you need answered to solve problems you face in the field daily. However, to find the answers you seek, you need to use the specifications for more than knee pads.
Leaking Ducts Can Reduce HVAC System Efficiency by 40%
High-efficiency HVAC systems are only as efficient as the duct work through which air flows. But you'll never know about the leakage unless you measure for it.
HVAC Home Performance is the Gold Rush of the 21st Century 
For the residential HVAC industry, home performance contracting is exciting, is luring more people into the mechanical systems trade, and is helping to evolve HVAC contractors to new levels of professionalism.
The Role of HVAC Equipment Specifications in Finding Heating and Cooling Capacity  1
AS an HVAC professional service technician, it's your job to be able to identify equipment capacity when you're assessing its performance. Here are some tips on how to do this.
How to Find Hidden Duct Obstructions

Turtle In a Duct

I once got a call from a customer with a lost turtle. Megan was an old high school friend with 4 kids and a three story home. A return duct had been cut into the floor of an upstairs playroom, and the grille was cut into the closet door. The kids left the closet door open and the turtle crawled into the duct and disappeared.

The 'Best Of' Rob 'Doc' Falke
Rob ‘Doc’ Falke has been sharing his industry knowledge and expertise through his technical articles in the Hotmail newsletter for several years. His articles give contractors a ‘hands on’ approach to solving issues like balancing a zoned system to exhaust fan pressure measurement.
Reduce Building Load with Duct Renovation
As the home performance industry seeks to rebound after losing most of its government funding, the building efficiency ball lands back in the court of the HVAC industry once again

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