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Rob “Doc” Falke serves the industry as president of National Comfort Institute an HVAC-based training company and membership organization. If you're an HVAC contractor or technician  interested in a building pressure measurement procedure, contact Doc at  or call him at 800-633-7058. Go to NCI’s website at for free information, articles and downloads.

A Plea for HVAC Industry Standards Written for Technicians 1

Without the guys in the field, our industry would grind to an immediate halt.

Yet the volumes of industry standards published to lead and guide our industry are written in language, concepts, and formulae that are completely foreign to this critical group of people. Let’s take a look at this group’s plea for practical how-to industry standards written and published for use by the guys in the field. 

Why Maintenance Falls Short on Energy Savings
We all believe we save energy, so let's take a look at some reasons why energy savings are not being realized when typical residential and commercial maintenance programs are offered to our customers.
The Powerful Impact of Mentoring

My typical work day includes heartfelt conversations with both successful and wanting-to-be-more-successful HVAC professionals. As I prepared to write this article over the last few weeks, I recognized the culture of constant mentoring was alive and well in each successful company I spoke with. Let’s look at how mentoring can build stronger and more successful HVAC careers and companies.

COMFORTECH PREVIEW: How and Why to Benchmark the HVAC Systems You Service
Let's look at how you can apply the surveyor's principle of benchmarking to add a new level of diagnostics to the HVAC systems you sell and service.
Contractors-Customers Connect Using Future Equipment Replacement Proposals
Several months ago I wrote a Hotmail article about a new approach to equipment replacement proposals of the future. Let’s take a look at some success stories companies have experienced since they implemented proposals based on a range of field-measured efficiency of the installed system.
Redefining an Efficient Installation

When I was a kid, a mouse was a dirty little rodent in the garage that needed to die. Today, it is a sleek little tool on my desk I use several hundred times a day to get work done. Definitions often change. It appears the time has come for the definition of an Efficient HVAC System Installation to change as well.

Sizing a Replacement Fan Belt

Sizing a replacement belt after installing a new pulley can be tricky. Instead of buying five or six new belts, try applying the following formula and using these tips.

Multiply the Value of Training …Try Retraining
Implementing what you learn at a training event can be a real challenge. Let's take a look at how to multiply the value of your training by sharing what you learned with others in your company.
YOU Are the Real Energy Guide 1

This article is a follow-up to Doc’s April 20, 2016 Hotmail article “The Equipment Replacement Proposal of the Future (”

Thank you for your kind responses about the last Hotmail article. Technicians, installers, salespeople, contractors, government officials and manufacturers responded with a wide variety of comments and ideas. The following article summarizes the majority of the comments received.

The Equipment Replacement Proposal of the Future  9

What if you could offer your customers a system efficiency option of 57%, 78% or 93%?
No, this is not equipment rated efficiency, but the field-measured efficiency of the operating system once it has been installed and verified in a home. Let’s take look at a sample proposal that may be delivered by progressive contractors in the near future.

How to Plot Fan Airflow  2
Let’s take a look at how fan airflow can be plotted in less than five minutes to open the door to a new level of diagnostics and troubleshooting.
Use the Air Changes Calculation to Determine Room CFM 11
Engineering room airflow may present a real challenge when balancing an HVAC system. Most calculations only use the heat loss or gain of a room to decide on required airflow and often don’t take into consideration required room ventilation needs.
The Darker Side of Variable-Speed Blower Motors  7
Variable-speed blower motors have a variety of benefits, but little attention has been given to the potential of these motors to become energy hogs. Let’s look at precautions you must take when setting up equipment using variable-speed motors.
The Future of Energy Efficiency  2

I have a meeting with a group of energy regulators from Washington, DC tomorrow. My role in this meeting is to represent HVAC contractors who actually work in the field. My presentation at this meeting will describe elements of what HVAC energy efficiency may become in the future.

HVAC Customer Service and Colonoscopies

You might find it difficult to relate HVAC and colonoscopy customer service. Let's take a look at how the medical profession has recognized today's consumer's need to be more informed and comfortable about not only the services being delivered, but the expected outcome of those services as well.





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