Tom Peric

Professional Development and Training?
In our continuing practice of publishing a March issue focusing on a single theme, we decided that the subject of Professional Development and Training
A Pat on the Back
I've got a little secret for everyone who runs a wholesale business, yet this little gem actually holds true for any kind of business. Everyone likes
What Forecasting and Star Products Have in Common
This January issue is the continuation of something new for our readers. As some of you will hopefully recall, last year this magazine had its first January
HARDI Annual Conference: A Wholesaler Perspective
A few years back, a financial management company hit advertising success with the line, When E.F. Hutton talks, people listen. Having a chat with Bud
What You Thought He Knew But Didn't A Managerial Dilemma
Recently, a colleague in marketing asked me to look over some copy he had written. He works for an oil company. I edited the copy, fixed some minor and,
The Future of EER?
Most in the HVACR industry would agree that legislative practices and emergency technology have a direct impact on the established guidelines or common practices throughout the country.
Fire Your Consultant Then Hire
I was having my back manipulated when, for some inexplicable reason, my thoughts turned to consultants. After all, I did have a column due and maybe lying on my stomach made my creative juices percolate.
Will You Recognize Your Future Workforce?
When I read Penelope Trunk's overview article in this issue about the “new” work- force, my reaction was, “very interesting.”
Workforce Issues: A View from Wholesalers
The danger of producing any article or special issue is that, as an editor or writer, you presume to know what your audience is thinking. Because this special issue focuses on workforce matters, we wondered what was important to HARDI members.
What Changed?
Something has changed with HARDI, and it has been dramatic. I've witnessed it firsthand and, between observing it and writing about it, I still find the
HCFC Phaseout Rules Begin Year on Note of Relief
We talk to two members of HARDI's Refrigeration Council and try to assess the impact and the preparedness of wholesalers in this transition from R-22 to other refrigerants
Consumers, Contractors and Coping with the R-22 Phaseout
Remove all the hand wringing about the ultimate replacement of R-22 from the marketplace, and it is the contractor who is the last connection before the industry and the end user: the consumer. We interviewed leaders at ACCA and RSES for their assessment and spoke with a nationally recognized contractor
HARDI, Reclamation and the Future HARDI Task Force in Beginning Phase
Attendees at HARDI's Annual Conference in Orlando last month couldn't say R-22 often enough, given how important the issue of refrigerants was to them.
I'm So Excited by This Column That I Can Almost Scream
When I wrote about enthusiasm in my last column, I promised to follow up with some specific examples of how you might foster enthusiasm in your own firm.
That Vital Ingredient for Success That No One Mentions
It's a term I see practiced with vigor and regularity by many of the most successful business-people I know. Yet they almost never seem to use the word in actual conversation. I suspect they place the word in the category of either you have it or you don't, and they take it so much for granted that it's not worth discussing.




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