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Vicki LaPlant has worked with HVAC contractors for the past 30 years as a trainer/consultant. She helps people work better together for greater success. Vicki is a longtime Contracting editorial advisory board member and can be reached by e-mail at, or by phone at 903/786-6262.

Determining Your HVAC Company's Purpose Leads to Success
Creating an HVAC company purpose and measuring all decisions against that purpose just might lead to more focus, more success.
Is that another shoe dropping on the HVAC contracting industry?
Finding the Best HVAC Employees: Is that the Ball Dropping or Another Shoe? 
For residential HVAC contractors, 2013 is the year where manpower shortages have finally slammed mechanical systems company owners and managers in the head.
Ignoring Labor Re-rate in an HVAC company's Accounting Practices Is More Frightening than Halloween
It’s astonishing how many HVAC contractors are unaware of Fair Labor Standards Act requirements to include bonuses when calculating overtime.
Credit Card Fees and Overtime Charges Are HVAC Customer Service Issues
All consumers are tired of being nickle-and-dimed with all kinds of fees and charges. It really becomes an HVAC customer service issue that a little commn sense and creativity can eliminate.
Your HVACR Customers Want Deals and Expect You To Provide Financing 2
In the mechanical systems contracting world, how do you provide your customers "deals" without breaking the bank?
Baby Boomers, Xers, & Gen Y’s Working Together: Oh My!
Contracting columnist Vicki LaPlant continues her series on multiple generations working together in the marketplace.
Selling HVAC Services to Generation X: The "Prove It To Me" Generation
Columnist Vicki LaPlant provides a guide for HVACR contractors on how to sell to customers who belong to the Generation X demographic.
Women in HVAC - Sales Tip: Focus on Baby Boomers
This is my favorite time of year. For consumers, it’s shopping time for the holidays. Now if only our industry could figure out how to make air conditioners and furnaces blingy, shiny, or sparkly, it might be a great time of year for HVAC sales as well.
Yes, Virginia – There are Polite Technicians
I had just about given up on seeing clean cut, polite technicians and installers in our industry. Many people say they don’t exist. They say young people are lazy and don’t want to work, that they’ve forgotten how to communicate verbally. Finally, people say it’s impossible today to find technicians with both technical aptitude and excellent customer service skills.
Cut the Cord on the One-Call Close
The one-call close is on life support. I say we need to cut the cord! Regardless of which economist you believe about the future, one fact can't be argued: Today's consumer buys differently than they did before the "great recession." Today's consumer is saving more and buying less. Today's consumer is more concerned with value and "getting a deal."
What's Wrong with the Younger Generation?
The above is a constant refrain heard today. You also often hear, The young kids of today just don't want to work. They have no work ethic! Or The younger
New Year, New Trends, and One Old Idea
American comedian and singer Joe E. Lewis said, For my New Year's resolution, I went on a diet, swore off drinking and heavy eating, and in 14 days I
The E-Myth is Still Alive Darn It!
As I write this, I realize that thoughts of HVAC Comfortech 2009 still linger. There's no opportunity like that show to talk with so many successful owners
Rules of Communications
One of best communication rules I ever heard goes like this: Connotative adjectives should not be used to describe a person's behavior. Great advice,
An Industry With Heart
In April 2009, I was a part of an event that epitomizes the of this industry. It started two months ago, when Service Roundtable CEO Matt Michel dedicated

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