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in Weil's World Mar 16, 2013

Overwhelmed By An HVAC Tradeshow In Germany

ISH 2013: an HVAC contractor's dream. From a new technology standpoint, if you are looking to have your eyes opened, this exhibiiton, held every....More
in Weil's World Jan 09, 2013

Have You Noticed Something a Little Different?

Welcome to the NEW Contractingbusiness.com website. We hope you like it....More
in Weil's World Oct 01, 2012

Politicians: 'It's About the Economy, Stupid'

I "borrowed" this editorial from the October 2012 issue of HPAC Engineering. I wanted to share it with the readers of Contracting Business.com. Back....More
in Weil's World Jun 27, 2012

Does the Affordable Healthcare Act Impact HVAC Contractors?

How many of you are just sick and tired of all the political ads running on TV, over the Internet, through phone solicitations during dinner, in....More
in Weil's World Apr 23, 2012

USGBC Does Impact the Average American

The other day, a coworker of mine sent out an email asking for help. You see, his high school-aged son was given a writing assignment: the subject....More
in Weil's World Apr 10, 2012

We All Need Heroes, Even in the HVAC Industry

Kids growing up the 1960s and 1970s didn't have access to instant news like people do today. All we had was television and radio. Some say these....More
in Weil's World Oct 10, 2011

QR Codes and the HVACR Contractor

There is a big marketing rage rippling through the consumer and business-to-business world and it is a simple, but power technology that is know as....More
in Weil's World Aug 24, 2011

Those Unsightly Condensing Units

It's just another day in the life: the housing market fairly shaky and home sales prices continue to drop. It shouldn't be any surprise that....More
in Weil's World Jul 19, 2011

Road Rage: A Detriment to Health, Safety, and the HVAC Business

There is no doubt about it – people are just flat out angry. Public rudeness has grown by leaps and bounds and is never more evident than in the....More
in Weil's World May 26, 2011

Hello world!

This is a test of the Emergency Weil's World Broadcast System. This is just a test. Do not panic unless, of course you have no recourse. Then keep....More

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