Wrightsoft Corporation, Lexington, MA, announced the launch of Right-University, with an online resource featuring a library of on-demand training modules on Wrightsoft’s award-winning HVAC design software. Available at www.wrightsoft.com/university, Right-University’s on-demand training videos were created to provide customers with easy-to-follow video instruction on the features and tools of Wrightsoft products, whenever and wherever desired, and at their own pace.
Right-University’s on-demand training videos offer over 70 video training modules focused on Wrightsoft’s Right-Suite Residential product. The length of each module varies depending on the subject being taught. From quick lessons on getting started with Right-Suite Residential and customizing wizards, to longer tutorials on advanced tools such as Right-DuctTM and Right-Radiant PlusTM, Right-University provides a comprehensive education on Wrightsoft’s Right-Suite Residential software.
According to the company, Right-University will be expanded, and will include a complete collection of training modules on other Wrightsoft products, with new elements being added on a monthly basis.
Customers can receive unlimited access to Right-University’s on-demand training videos at a nominal annual charge. For more information, contact Wrightsoft Sales at 800/225-8697, via email at sales@wrightsoft.com or by visiting www.wrightsoft.com/university.