Steve Tibbetts has a knack for managing people that extends beyond good pay.

He’s walked in the technician’s shoes, and they know it. That level of understanding is priceless.

“When we first started the service department, I was in the on call rotation with everyone else. I think they respect answering to a guy that’s done the same thing they are doing. I’ve never asked them to do anything I haven’t done. I started up every store installation for 15 years. I ran as much pipe as they did, and ran service calls at night,” he says.

Looking ahead, Steve Tibbetts can probably expect a few more milestones in the near future. He’s not against entering new markets if that’s what it takes to grow, as long as he can provide customers with the same quality of work.

“We have more business now than we’ve ever had and I believe this is because we show up every day and do what we say we’re going to do."

Thank you Steve, and the entire team at T&O Refrigeration, for your commitment to excellence, quality and education in commercial supermarket refrigeration. You are the 2014 Commercial Refrigeration Contractor of the Year.


T&O Refrigeration At-a-Glance
Founded in 1987
Headquarters: Fayetteville, GA
Founder/President: Steve Tibbetts
Vice-President:  Lane Tibbetts
Chief Administrative Officer:  Denese Tibbetts
Branch Manager:  Jayson Goff
Construction Manager – Charles White
Service Manager – Phil Pittman
Service Manager – Fred Johnson
Office Manager:  Phyl Marie Weister
Dispatcher:  Laurie Ledbetter
Accountant:  Stan Brown
Expertise: Supermarket refrigeration systems
Customers: Kroger, Publix, Costco, Sav-A-Lot, Food Lion, Sprouts, SuperValu,
The Fresh Market, Walmart