Mainstream Engineering announced today the QwikProducts™ Qwik System Flush® is now available in 1 lb. aerosol and 16 oz. liquid containers.
Qwik System Flush® is one of the HVACR industry’s most effective air conditioning equipment flush utilized for R-22 to R-401a retrofits and compressor burnouts. Independent tests by the Florida Institute of Technology and Dynalene Inc. reveal Qwik System Flush® absorbed 10 times more oil, 6 times more moisture and 5 times more acid than competitive formulations.
In an HVAC unit, moisture and/or contamination can lead to system failure. For this reason, it is important for the flushing product to absorb moisture and transport it out of the system. Similarly, acid absorption and oil absorption by a flush is of equal importance. Any amount of inorganic acid or incompatible oil in the system can lead to failure.
Qwik System Flush® was originally developed by Mainstream Engineering for the U.S. Air Force to clean fighter jet oxygen breathing systems without using chemicals that were harmful to the pilot or environment. That same technology was reformulated for use with HVAC and refrigeration systems to create one of the industry’s most effective cleaning solution.
Qwik System Flush® is now available in three convenient sizes:
  • 1 lb. pre-charged canisters for cleaning up to a 5-ton refrigeration system
  • 2 lb. pre-charged canisters for cleaning up to a 10-ton refrigeration system
  • 16 oz. liquid refills for refillable flush kits
"We are pleased to offer our customers new packaging options of our popular system flush product," states Dr. Robert Scaringe, President of Mainstream Engineering. "Our sales of Qwik System Flush® continue to grow. We are proud to offer our patented formulation that we manufacture right here in the USA.”
The third-party test results are available at history of Qwik System Flush® and its path from military development to HVAC can be found at on the Qwik System Flush® product line can be found at
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