is accepting nominations for the 2015 Residential and Commercial HVAC Contractor of the Year Awards. These annual awards are given to commercial and residential HVAC contractors who represent the best that the HVAC industry has to offer.

Among the requirements for qualification, a contractor must:

  • Be in business at least 10 years
  • Have a formalized business plan which they are willing to share
  • Have credible credit references
  • Be active in at least one HVAC industry association
  • Provide active training for employees -- technical, management, and customer service
  • Employ certified refrigerant handling technicians
  • If a residential contractor, must have at least one NATE-certified technician on staff
  • Must be open to new ideas, technologies, and business practices
  • Should have a philosophy around which the company is built
  • Must have a marketing strategy and a marketing budget.

We look for candidates who embrace change and look for innovative ways to better understand and serve customers. Candidates should be companies that can shed positive light on the HVAC industry and on the contracting profession. They should also be willing to give back to the industry in terms of knowledge sharing via peer groups, or association participation (local a must, national is good, both is best).

Residential Contractors: November 1, 2014.
Commercial Contractors: December 1, 2014.

In addition, they must agree to the following:
1. Provide description of market area as well as a corporate history
2. To allow an editor to spend up to two days with them, interviewing key personnel and customers for use in a feature article that will appear in the February (residential) or March (commercial) issue of the magazine.
3. Must be willing to let editors talk to customers.
4. Provide letters of recommendation — one from a customer, one from an association, one from either a distributor or manufacturer.
5. To be willing to share ideas and information with other contractors from around the country and participate in industry events such as the HVAC Comfortech meetings
6. To be a member of the advisory board for at least two years.

To submit a nomination, first contact the nominee and see if they agree to all of the above criteria. If so, then write a nomination letter and send to explaining why you think they deserve this award. Please provide the type of information outlined above. Any brochures or other material you can also send for substantiation would be greatly appreciated.

Call Terry McIver with any questions, at 216/931-9732.