Adiabatic Air Cooling System Uses Water Droplets

ChillBooster by Carel USA is an adiabatic air cooling system for use on chillers, drycoolers, and all air conditioning and refrigeration applications. ChillBooster atomises water into very fine droplets that evaporate spontaneously to cool the air. The coil is cooled by a flow of colder air and droplets of water, allowing more favorable operating conditions, including during summer weather. The droplets that evaporate from the surface of the fins actively contribute to the cooling process, increasing the “booster” effect. This effect allows liquid coolers and condensers to deliver their rated capacity, even during the hottest periods of the year, which often results in maximum load. System oversizing is not required. ChillBooster consists of :
• a pumping unit that delivers pressurized water at 10 bars to the distribution system,
• on/off flow-rate control
• high temperature protection valve
• drain solenoid valve for unit shut down
• modular stainless steel manifolds
• spray nozzles
• drain solenoid valves on the distribution system
• metal connection hoses and fittings

Improved Industrial Compressor Operates on Natural Refrigerants

The Vilter 450XL compressor from Emerson Climate Technologies, for industrial refrigeration, has been updated with many significant improvements. Spring-loaded safety heads protect against liquid slugging by relieving internal pressure if cylinders are subjected to an incompressible fluid. Maximum suction and discharge porting through the compressor achieves minimum pressure drop with valve plates that are made to exacting Vilter material and manufacturing requirements, for long-term service. The design of the piston and connecting rod assembly allows for movement only between the connecting rod bushing and piston pin, while providing positive lubrication throughout the entire compression cycle. The 450LX operates with ammonia, halocarbon, and some hydrocarbon refrigerants.