Supermarket chain Winn-Dixie has been named the 2013 Danfoss EnVisioneer of the Year.

Winn-Dixie, a subsidiary of Bi-Lo Holdings, the ninth-largest conventional supermarket chain in the United States based on net sales, is using Danfoss AK-SC 255 system controllers integrated with Danfoss Electronically Delivered Services (EDS) to significantly improve store energy use.

The system controller and services provided by Danfoss enable food retailers to continuously improve stores via energy monitoring and benchmarking, as well as maintain and sustain energy savings. The AK-SC 255 system controller uses intelligent optimization to help users drive down refrigeration, HVAC, lighting, and other operation costs, and features an advanced alarm monitoring system that provides immediate warnings, including refrigerant leak detection, that ensure food safety and improve risk management.

For Winn-Dixie, the program and collaboration with Danfoss has resulted in a reduction of more than 53.4 million kWh over the past two years, which equates to savings of more than $5.3 million. Less energy consumption also means that Winn-Dixie has reduced its annual carbon dioxide emissions in excess of 41,000 metric tons.

“Danfoss launched this program to demonstrate the business value of investing in energy efficiency and environment responsibility,” said John Galyen, president, Danfoss North America. “We congratulate and thank Winn-Dixie for its efforts to advance energy-efficient, sustainable solutions that support improved performance and profitability, higher standards and lower operating costs.”

The EnVisioneer of the Year award competition was developed to recognize the exemplification of the core values of Danfoss EnVisioneering — the company’s strategic, customer-focused approach designed to create and foster engaged partnerships with customers by combining engineering innovation, energy efficiency, and environmental responsibility.

Award Presented at Winn-Dixie Headquarters
The EnVisioneer of the Year award was presented to Winn-Dixie by Jim Boyle, Danfoss senior vice president, electronic controllers and services, during a short ceremony at Winn-Dixie’s headquarters in Jacksonville, Fla., on November 19.

“Delivering food to consumers is an extremely energy-intensive process, and this latest project from Winn-Dixie proves that innovative engineering combined with strong commitment and vigilance can have a noticeable – and financial – impact, remarked Boyle.

“We are excited to see the initial results of our efforts and are honored to be recognized with this award,” said Jim Vannan, energy management director for Bi-Lo Holdings. “It is important to Winn-Dixie that we take steps and implement resources to help reduce energy use and focus our efforts on running an efficient, safe and healthy business. We look forward to future opportunities to become even more eco-friendly.”

Launched in 2010, the EnVisioneer of the Year award competition recognizes North American end users, municipalities, building owners, and original equipment manufacturers that have introduced a new product, opened a new facility, or invested in a building or system upgrade within the past 18 months using Danfoss products or solutions to realize significant energy and/or environmental savings. The competition is judged and the winner is chosen by an independent third party.

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