AC compressors can weigh well over 100 pounds. Lifting them out of condensers has always been a back breaking issue. Thanks to HVAC contractor/ specialist and inventor Mike Gregory, there is now a way to accomplish one-man lifting, safely and easily.
Click here for video of new Ladder Crane Compressor Hoist!
Ladder Crane is a revolutionary compressor removal tool that has been created to fill an industry void where there are currently no quick lightweight solutions.The unit utilizes a ladder and crane device that can lift several hundred pounds.The unit is easy to handle and set up and weighs only 38 pounds.It is powered by a 120 volt fully integrated lifting system.
Higher SEER condensing units have gotten ever taller over the years. 410A compressors are now much heavier. For many years the only solution to replacing these heavy residential compressors was to send two service technicians or risk injury.

According to Mike, “I have personally used Ladder Crane to replace 30+ very heavy compressors that I could not have lifted by myself without the aid of Ladder Crane”