In his book, “7 Moments That Define Excellent Leaders,” Lee Colan states that mastering seven moments of truth can establish excellence in your organization.

The seven moments are:

1. A moment to commit
2. A moment to plan
3. A moment to act
4. A moment to connect
5. A moment to invest
6. A moment to change
7. A moment to conquer.

In order to be successful, your organization must be committed to a compelling cause. As a leader, you must help your company determine this purpose. This will ensure the foundation of your company.

Another important ingredient to success is taking time to plan. This allows you to set a high-definition vision. A moment to plan allows you to be proactive instead of reactive.

A moment to act means making every minute count. Be sure to make real-time decisions. This allows your employees to promptly handle situations as they arise.

A moment to connect is about energizing the team. Knowing what motivates individuals on your team is critical. Creating a culture is the most important step in allowing this to occur.

A moment to invest is allows future leaders to exercise their brains. This provides you the opportunity to cultivate nuggets of wisdom, which will improve the effectiveness of your team.

A moment of change is the ability to adapt to change. You must get your comfortable dealing with ambiguity and discomfort. The team must learn to delight in these conditions.

A moment to conquer is characterized by being able to stand the test of time, move through adversity, and stick to your mission. This is what allows your team to achieve sustainability.

Capitalizing on these seven moments will allow your team to excel in today’s environment.

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