The AHR Expo, to be held January 28-30 in Dallas, TX, will offer over 100 educational sessions, workshops, exams and presentations, with 40 of the sessions being offered at no extra charge. The show floor will feature the Building Automation and Control showcase as well as the Software Center showcase.

This year’s event comes on the heels of some hopeful economic news. A recent AHR Expo survey has found that 70% of respondents expect the economy to be better in 2013 than in 2012.In fact, 15% of these manufacturers expect a “much better year,” while 28% of respondents expect the economy to remain the same. Three percent expect the economy to be worse than it was in 2012.

“It is good to see that manufacturers continue to be optimistic about the HVACR sector of the economy,” said Clay Stevens, president, International Exposition Co., which produces and manages the AHR Expo. “These survey results seem to suggest a strong show in Dallas.”

Here’s a small sampling of products of interest to commercial refrigeration contractors. Some apply to HVAC as well.

Two Danfoss products — the ADAP-KOOL AK-PC 781 integrated rack controller and the VZH Variable Speed Compressor — won awards in the 2013 AHR Expo Innovation Awards competition. The AK-PC 781 was named the winner in the refrigeration category.The VZH variable speed compressor received honorable mention in the cooling category. The VZH delivers dynamic efficiency and performance in varied air-conditioning applications, including VRF, chillers, rooftop, packaged or split systems, IT, process cooling units and dedicated outdoor units, while providing precise temperature and humidity management. The compressor features a 4:1 turndown ratio and provides the largest cooling capacity (26TR) with a single scroll and up to 56TR in an innovative tandem design. BOOTH 1333

Embraco will present its full range of hydrocarbon compressors available for North America, including low-temp cooling capacities from 520 BTUH up to 4780 BTUH and high temp from 4700  BTUH up to 10,125 BTU/h.  Also on display will be the Embraco Micro-compressor. Small and lightweight (about the size of a 12-oz. soda can and weighing 1.4 kg), Embraco’s micro-compressor is able to operate in any position because it’s 100% oil-free, which allows unprecedented applications and products. Embraco Fullmotion variable capacity compressors are quieter and can save energy up to 40% compared to a conventional compressor. This technology is excellent for wine coolers and light commercial applications. BOOTH 1413

Emerson Climate Technologies produces the Copeland Scroll Condensing Unit–FFAP Series for freezers and coolers in retail and food service applications. It features an EER up to 15% higher than standard reciprocating compressors, and it is compatible with multiple refrigerants and multiple operating temperatures.  BOOTH 1605

Ritchie Engineering introduces a service tool that uses hydraulic power, is lightweight and portable, easy to use, and even eliminates the use of fittings. BOOTH 1633


Fieldpiece unveils the SMAN4, a wireless, four-port, digital manifold (with built-in vacuum gauge), HVACR professionals can now evacuate a system, pull a vacuum, add refrigerant, and dial in the charge without unhooking their manifold. The SMAN4 can wirelessly receive indoor wet bulb and outdoor dry bulb, wirelessly send six measurements to the Fieldpiece Instruments HVAC Guide System Analyzer, model HG3, for more in-depth system 
analysis. BOOTH 3709

Airgas maintains and distributes the largest selection of refrigerants in the country. In addition to ASPEN, the Airgas Refrigerants’ brand, we also distribute all major US refrigerant manufacturers’ brands including Forane- All Airgas supplied refrigerants meet or exceed ARI-700 purity standards with all final purity tests performed by an independent ARI certified laboratory. This assures the cleanest, driest refrigerant gas for the efficient operation of any HVACR system. BOOTH 671

Honeywell will be providing more information about the introduction of a new low-global-warming replacement for R-410A. BOOTH 639

Polar Technology’s new TrakRef is described as the only refrigerant software program developed from within the reclamation industry. It incorporates Polar Technology’s refrigerant reclamation program. Benefits include enhanced inventory control, new opportunities to increase margins and profits and lower costs of refrigerant transactions. BOOTH 3586

Solvay offers a broad range of refrigerant and value added services such as the SOLKANE program for comprehensive calculation of thermo-physical properties and refrigeration cycles. The SOLKANE App 2.0 for iPhones enables quick and easy access to information about the most common refrigerants. A programmable refrigerant slider enables quick access to pressure/temperature behaviour and a comparison between other refrigerants. BOOTH 2587