Without any preamble, here are the two dozen ideas that you can implement fairly easily:

1. Hours

If no one promotes extended hours in your market, you can jump on the claim first.  Because it is relatively easy to copy, you must have the funds to advertise the hours heavily to associate the position strongly with your company in the public consciousness.  Whoever claims a position first and loudest, typically owns it.

2. Warranties

Warranties are similar to extended hours.  They are easy to copy.  However, if no one in your market has made loud, public claims about extended warranties you can use them to define your business, provided you have the marketing funds to effectively put out the word.

3. Guarantees

If you are the first in your market to proclaim an unconditional, no questions asked, money back guarantee, you may be able to build a distinctive position based on it.  Domino’s Pizza was built on a guaranteed 30 minute delivery, which they defended against everyone but the trial attorneys (Domino’s dropped the guarantee after the company lost several lawsuits over accidents caused by company delivery drivers).

Matt Michel, CEO of The Service Roundtable4. Appearance

Do you drive white trucks like almost everyone else?  Tiger Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning in Southern Illinois features trucks wrapped in tiger stripes.  The truck wrap reinforces the name and stands out.  Tiger’s tagline is “We earn our stripes every day!”

A-ABC Appliance and Air Conditioning in Dallas was positioned by Ahron Katz as “the company with the little red trucks.”  Because Katz advertised heavily, he was able to successfully associate A-ABC with the color red and used to promote special savings for consumers who saw one of his trucks and called the shop with its location and time.  Red was so associated with A-ABC that consumers called the company about copycat competitive trucks and red trucks from other industries.

Oakland A’s owner, Charlie Finley once paid his players $300 to grow mustaches during the playoffs.  While I wouldn’t recommend it, you could easily become distinctive by encouraging technicians to grow long hair and beards, while renaming your company Duct Dynasty.