The first half of the year has passed, and it's time to assess the capabilities of your organization. From your newest hire to your highest-ranking manager, your company’s capabilities are critical to having a profit and growth orientated company.

  • Talent: Do your employees have the competencies and the commitment required to deliver the business strategy you want to accomplish?
  • Speed: Can your organization and employees move quickly to make important things happen fast?
  • Shared mindset: Do you have a culture or identity that reflects what you and your company stand for, and how you work?
  • Accountability: Does high performance matter, to the extent that you can ensure execution of strategy?
  • Collaboration: How well does your team collaborate to gain both efficiency and leverage?

Let's see how your team measures up. Rate your organization against a 1-5 scale for each capability — the rating of 5 being the highest, and 1 being the lowest rating. 

  • 5 indicates that your company is doing a great job in that particular capability.
  • 4 or 3 indicate that there is some work to do in order to maximize that capability’s effectiveness.
  • 2 or 1 indicates that there is a great deal of discussion that needs to occur on how your company improves in these capabilities.

Sometimes, boiling down your team’s capability to a number scale helps you get a more concise measurement of your team’s capabilities as a whole. Furthermore, this look at your organization will allow you to accurately assess your company’s ability to compete in today’s environment and make the necessary changes for future growth and profit.