Ductless multi zone mini split systems can deliver unmatched comfort and efficiency of a traditional split system for many zones with only one outside unit. Each zone operates independently providing occupants indoor comfort control that fits their individual needs, while improving energy efficiency.
While the demand for mini-split systems grows, a major problem in meeting the consumer demand for mini-split systems has been a lack of properly trained service and installation personnel.
Mitsubishi understands the best way to train thousands of technicians properly in a short period of time is to train the trainers. With thousands of HVACR students enrolled in programs coast to coast, Mitsubishi has decided to conduct a train the trainer program "Mini-Split Success: Through Proper Application, Installation and Fundamentals" at HVAC Excellence's 2013 National HVACR Educators and Trainers Conference. The session will be conducted by Albert R Blyler, the senior training and application specialist for Mitsubishi Electric Cooling & Heating.
The Mitsubishi Train the Trainer session will cover: introduction to Mini-splits, application, sizing, inverters, design, benefits, compressor technology, equipment, straight cool, heat pumps, single zone vs. multi zone specifications, combinations, application, installation, limitations, controls, accessories, do's and don'ts, best practices and customer satisfaction.  Most importantly this session will provide attendees and  understanding of how to properly teach mini-split systems thereby giving students the knowledge and ability need for success
The 2013 National HVACR Educators and Trainers Conference is open to anyone in the HVACR industry who provides training to HVACR service and installation technicians.
The conference will be held at the South Point Hotel in Las Vegas, NV. March 17-20, 2013.  The conference will provide attendees the opportunity to visit with manufacturers and industry leaders through nearly ninety exhibits and over sixty lecture and hands on sessions to attend.
For full conference details visit www.hvacexcellence.org or call 800/394-5268.