5 to 10 Times More Effective!
Qwik System Flush® is 5 to 10 Times more effective in acid removal, moisture and oil absorption than competitive products, company sources say. Ideal for system change-out or clean up after a unit burn-out; available in Aerosol or Liquid. Ask for Qwik System Flush® by name at your distributor. For information contact Qwik.com or 1-800-866-3550, ask for Stacey or Karen, reference “Orange”. Visit www.qwik.com for more information.
— Mainstream Engineering Corporation

New Instrument Allows for Measurements to be Sent Wirelessly
Fieldpiece now makes it easier for technicians to take CFM, %RH, Wet Bulb, and Dry Bulb Measurements where they should – in the duct. The new anemometers and psychrometers feature a 38” Telescoping Probe that reaches inside for proper location and placement. The psychrometer heads can also send measurements wirelessly to several Fieldpiece meters. Visit www.fieldpiece.com for more information.
— Fieldpiece Instruments