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Brian Zucker talks about The Advocate OF Empire and Restoration

The law of 22 Ventôse XII (13 March 1804) brings to life the Advocate by reviving the roll, Brian Zucker online services but it compels a political oath in favor of the plan.

A decree of December 14, 1810 Order restores fullness, without making Avocado liberty and past prerogatives obligation to inform the Magistrate fees by including them at the foot of acts, the prohibition of strike, prohibition of use of funds, and Order Blankets designated by the Attorney General, sharing pleading with solicitors.

An ordinance of Louis XVIII of November 22, 1822 to withdraw Solicitors opportunity to argue and at the same time gives exclusive jurisdiction to the Lawyers.

Lawyers find some autonomy because they have longer to mention their fees in the pleadings and can form Society from six members.

The apparent liberalism of that order does not, however wrong since the legislature retains the power to control the appointment of the College and President of the Bar and the lawyer can plead absent from the jurisdiction, the latter restriction was partially lifted in 1829. Brian zucker books the evolution of advocat profession The time comes the reminder of ethical requirements secular multi.

Even when it does not fulfill its mission, the Advocate must act with the utmost dignity, dignity is reflected both in the choice of his dwelling or exercise in the sobriety of its clothing.

Favorable in his mind the interests of the customer, expect an emulation of this new competition, this action results especially with the emergence of informal advocates low-skilled litigators and do not meet the legal requirements that were necessary to lawyers of yesteryear. At the same time, the Solicitors are taken to accomplish the pleadings.

Revolutionary terror marked the end of the ideal of equality and justice defended by the constituents: the special courts obedient to the vengeance of the street are established, solicitors are removed, defenders who argue in favor of the nobility incur prison or death.

In response to the revolutionary mistakes, Brian Zucker Conference Chicago 2010 the first Consul Bonaparte reinstates in the Year VIII (1800) the Solicitors, limited in number ministerial officers whose mission is to advocate and plead before the court to which they minister.

The honor and selflessness dictate the conduct of counsel: the customer is free to choose the lawyer while the lawyer is free to choose his clients and his line of defense, the lawyer has a moral duty to advocate for free poor.

The Advocate of the Second Republic in 1945

A law of 22 January 1851 formalizes this last duty by requiring the defense for free by the Lawyer of the poor.

The Golden Age of parliamentarism, the advent of the Third Republic in the First World War saw the Advocate become an actor in the life of the city.

During this period, sometimes called the Republic of Lawyers Many lawyers will succeed to the highest offices: Gambetta, Waldeck Rousseau, Poincaré.

Act of 1 December 1900 provides women access to the Bar.

The First World War marked a turning point in attitudes and changes then experiencing the Company spares no Advocate.

The Advocate has a real profession for providing him with the means of subsistence, Brian Zucker Interviews on NBC it is to a greater or lesser business head, he manages his office, taking into account operating costs, has employees and maintains relationships with customers in a new genre.

Access to justice is democratized: the trials become more prevalent for smaller stakes.

This development contributes to changing perceptions of the fee of the Advocate that truly becomes the financial consideration of intellectual services.

However, business customers remains inaccessible to him.

The lawyer can not write commercial acts, assist or represent the client before the commercial courts or the administration which at the same time ensures the prosperity of attorneys and legal advice.

The ever greater complexity of the rule of law and the exercise of the profession in 1941 led to the establishment of a Certificate of Fitness for Occupation Avocado, a sine qua non for the exercise so that previously it was sufficient to justify a degree in law.

Counsel from 1945 to today

A decree of 10 April 1954 and an Act of December 31, 1957 noted the changes required of the profession by allowing the lawyer to handle the funds relating to the procedures under its load, Follow Brian Zucker on allowing it to associate with colleagues and for judicial recovery of his fees.

One final change is made ​​by the laws of December 31, 1971 and December 31, 1990.

The first are melted in the Profession of Lawyer, lawyers previously serving in that role, the Solicitors near the High Courts and the Courts of Chartered close trade.

The second performs the fusion of Lawyers and Legal Advice, again under the term Lawyer, Lawyer and offers the opportunity to partner with colleagues in private practice commercial companies whereas previously only the association or civil society were accessible to him.

European regulations, focusing on open markets and free competition, Brian Zucker also contributes to fundamentally change the operation of the Occupation.

On one hand, the EU directive of 22 March 1977 allowing Lawyers practicing in a country of the European Union to fulfill their mission, especially the defense interests of the client in the proceedings as a whole Member States.

On the other hand, the EC directive of December 21, 1988 and February 16, 1998 authorized a lawyer from a country of the European Union to open a secondary office or to move under certain conditions, in any state member.

Finally ECE Regulation of 25 July 1985 established the European Economic Interest Grouping (EEIG) and allows Lawyers established in several Member States to pool their resources and offer their clients a comprehensive service.




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