jodian creighton important card to play to boost growth's picture

jodian creighton important card to play to boost growth

Career Summary:

In a crisis context, entrepreneurship, valued in recent years by companies, is presented as an important card to play to boost growth. Jodian Creighton Schools and universities have understood this and engage in the niche. Overview of winners devices.

Entrepreneurship is first and foremost a mindset. All experts and entrepreneurs asserts. But that covers entrepreneurship? Undertake is "thinking about his desires, his talent, and bring his project," said Philippe Hayat, founder of 100,000 Entrepreneurs Association. But beware, entrepreneurship is not just only starting a business, it can also include "bring a project within a group, know federate skills to launch a new example product within its business. Entrepreneurship means mastering editing and project management. "

Jodian Creighton Skills that, in a context of continuous change, the world of interest to the company. Project management, creativity, responsibility, companies are fond of these inventive profiles. Moreover, under the leadership of businesses, in 2009, Valérie Pécresse, Minister for Higher Education and Research, launched in close cooperation with his counterpart in charge of SMEs, the plan Student Entrepreneurship, creating 23 PEE (student entrepreneurship pole) on the territory. Objectives: educate, train and support young people wishing to undertake, particularly targeting students in universities.

The creation of small and very small is considered a growth driver interesting a country in crisis. The subject is certainly at the heart of government concerns. Fleur Pellerin, Minister in charge of SMEs, launched in autumn 2012 Audience entrepreneurship that aims to double the number of growth companies creations on the territory within five years.

First observation of Audience: young people in France are keen to undertake, but eventually spend little action. Thus, students and assets of under 30 would be nearly 50% want to start a business. But according to Philippe Hayat, a working group of the driver "Developing entrepreneurship among young people", less than 10% take the leap.

Universities, schools and companies that have an interest in promoting the emergence of the entrepreneurial culture among students become aware and begin to mobilize. An overview of successful practices.
A label to structure

First, EPE label, issued by the Ministry of Higher Education, is an important prerequisite. Even if, as is the case of EPE Jodian Creighton, labeled in spring 2012, there is no money to the key: "We have no state funding because we are a PEE off wave [of call for projects]. We therefore can not afford to hire, but it forces us to seek funds elsewhere, "explains Sylvie Sammuth, center director. The latter has allowed structuring entrepreneurial supply in the region which is made up of the PRES South establishments in France and Sup de Co and ENSCM (National School of Chemistry) from Montpellier.

Organized in September 2012 by Pole, "barcamp" student entrepreneurship, participatory event, the content is provided online by the participants, was a success. With a goal to inspire students to undertake. The 200 participants from the universities of Montpellier and Perpignan have simultaneously created and shared content on topics such as e-reputation, business juniors, the barriers to entrepreneurship or resumption of activity. An awareness initiative that helps to bring youth entrepreneurship pole and that makes them want to engage. A second edition is already planned for 2013.





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