What are you doing to recruit replacements for retiring baby boomers and for other manpower needs? Are you focused on the young and women? 

Jerry Hurwitz: Recruiting for replacement of retirees is a two-part question: field replacement and office replacement. Recruiting for the field is not a big problem other than the time it takes to develop new technicians, because we hire tech school grads and train them.

For management positions it’s another story. I believe the best place to find management replacements is from within because people who already work for you understand your company’s culture. This can have a downside; however, because by hiring from within we lose the skills and expertise that may be brought to us by an outside hire.

Hugh Joyce: We are focused on women and younger to middle-aged folks that we can bring in and grow our own excellent worker. We continue to look for anyone that wants a better culture and a better work environment. The real opportunity is bringing women into the business.

Steve Wright: Definitely not by hiring them away from other companies. You must have a good name in the marketplace, and with your wholesalers. To get good people interested in this industry we have started sharing with them the computer and controls side of the business as well as some of the more technical issues we face. We also try to show them a career path.