How do you see health care reform impacting your business?

Brian Cobble: Government health care legislation is creating an environment of confusion, uncertainty and unrest in the HVAC industry, along with other industries, and will likely continue to do so for some time to come (which perhaps was an objective of the legislation?). The navigation through the myriad of regulations associated with the legislation that will be required, along with the corresponding administrative burden associated with it, will also increase the cost of doing business, for individuals and businesses. Likely many businesses will have to make a decision to simply opt-out (which perhaps may be another objective of the legislation?), or modify their hiring and staffing behavior to involve more of a part-time structure. This will eventually move more and more individuals and families away from employer-provided health coverage, to the government-facilitated insurance exchanges, which in turn is likely to result in the evolution of a single-payer healthcare system in this country. Inevitably the system will increase taxes and costs for everyone, most especially working individuals, families, and businesses.

Jerry Hurwitz: Because we have had health insurance for years we have not seen any impact so far. I suspect that we are going to see increases in premiums in the near future, but have seen up to 30% in one year in the years past. So what else is new?

Scott Weaver: It’s a little murky at this time but ultimately the impact of Obamacare is simply going to have healthcare cost more in the United States. And businesses will have to endure an increased portion of those costs.