Quick and Easy Furnace Tuning
The new SOX3 Combustion Checker from Fieldpiece provides all the essential measurements needed to tune most combustion equipment. Measures flue temperature and %O2, and calculates %CO2, %Excess Air, and combustion efficiency. For extra convenience, the SOX3 has a field replaceable oxygen sensor, and custom fuel input for unconventional fuels, and hands-free testing.
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Electronic Flowhood
Air balancing and energy audits are faster and easier with the CFM-Electronic Flowhood. It offers unequaled accuracy, direct digital readout, and density-corrected airflow measurement. No Ak correction factors are needed. Reads 20 to 25,000 cfm or liters per second. Comes with five tops and a carrying case. Custom tops are available. Is NIST-traceable.— Shortridge Instruments, Inc.

New VRF Units in a Compact Design
Mitsubishi Electric, America’s #1 selling brand of VRF technology, gives added performance and efficiency in a more compact design. New R2- and Y-Series units feature industry-leading efficiency ratings, increased capacity, smaller footprint and longer line lengths.
We are redefining HVAC and what you can achieve in your buildings.
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