CxGB 2008 takes place October 21 & 22 at the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino. Here are ten important reasons you need to attend.

#10. LOCATION! LOCATION! LOCATION! Las Vegas ranks 11th in the nation in green buildings per capita.

#9. NETWORKING OPPORTUNITIES. Meet and interact with engineers, facility managers, and other building professionals who are also facing the challenges of commissioning mechanical systems in green buildings.

#8. LEARN HOW TO IMPLEMENT COST-SAVINGS THROUGH GREEN-BUILDING PRACTICES. Discover the economic impact and gain a thorough understanding of the costs and benefits of going green.

#7. LEARN HOW TO ATTAIN LEED CERTIFICATION. LEED certification is a process with many specifications that require monitoring and reporting. Learn how commissioning can help with the successful implementation of LEED certification.

#6. SPONSORED PRODUCT DEMONSTRATIONS. Top quality vendors will offer presentations on green topics and green applications for specific products, technology and services.

#5. HANDS-ON PRODUCT INTERACTION. The exhibit area will feature manufacturers eager to explain the green features and applications of their products, services, systems and technologies.

#4. ENGINEERING GREEN BUILDINGS CONFERENCE & EXPO. Comprehensive technical sessions provide training on energy efficiency, water conservation, indoor environmental quality and sustainability. Learn how mechanical systems projects can be designed to meet green-building requirements and help achieve LEED certification.

#3. LEARN FROM THE EXPERTS. Meet Jerry Yudelson, Ron Wilkinson, Val Lehr, Thomas Hartman, Larry Spielvogel, Peter D’Antonio, Mark Lentz, Bill Swan and many, many others.

#2. IN-DEPTH GREEN COMMISSIONING TRAINING. Understand the crucial role commissioning can play in the successful implementation of green design and sustainability.

And the #1 reason you need to attend EGB 2008:

If you want to compete for work in major cities and for most federal, state, and local government building projects, you need to know how to be green. CxGB and EGB offer a tremendous opportunity to gain critical green building and LEED implementation knowledge you can apply immediately to current projects —
critical training for commissioning professionals who need to know what green buildings are all about and how to participate on green projects.

For complete details on sessions, speakers and exhibitors – and to register online – visit