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Mar 26, 2014

79 Years of Commercial HVAC Excellence

There’s a company in Chicago that has stood the test of time, endured changes over the generations, and retained a distinctive identity of its own:....More
Feb 14, 2014

How an HVAC Winner Rolls

Advent Air Conditioning’s story is one of endurance and initiative. It’s about what comes from making difficult but necessary decisions, and doing....More
Jan 28, 2014

Does Anyone Understand Economics Today?

By raising the minimum wage just because it will make him look good during the State of the Union address, President Obama continues to do nothing....More
Jan 15, 2014

HOLY HVACR! BATMAN to Appear at AHR Expo!

Many products will be on display at the 2014 AHR Expo in New York City. This includes Boilers, Actuators, Thermostats, Manifolds, Analyzers and....More
Dec 11, 2013

The Best and Worst of HVAC

A quality HVAC system installation is a sight to behold. A bad one is something to avoid having your name on at all costs. We're going to show you....More
Nov 26, 2013

Don't Be an Energy Turkey!

The more freely the air moves in your oven the more efficiently it operates, so don’t cover your oven racks with foil....More
Nov 13, 2013

Bitcoins and Quatloos

I've been reading an article about bitcoin, and still don't get it. Can you help?....More
Oct 30, 2013

Tasty Bits of News

The Lean Construction Institute wins an award from Turner. The ABCO Expo is coming, and Friedrich will be there. Crockett Facilities Services....More
Oct 09, 2013

All the Hits, All the Time

Hits — those electronic browsing clicks that are so prized by webmasters —register how many people are, at the least, glancing at a web page,....More
Sep 09, 2013

Making Music from Mental Notes

It's important that you keep track of and follow through on those "flashes of brilliance" that cross your brain pan....More
Aug 30, 2013

Hot Chicks

Are you reading all you can to stay current with the latest trends in residential and commercial HVAC?....More
Jul 31, 2013

UPDATE on That Library

The library staff has been holding auctions and other fundraising activities, and so far has raised $5,000....More
Jul 18, 2013

Natural Refrigerants: OK, Fine

The ATMOsphere American 2013 conference brought many refrigeration professionals together who have or will soon jump on the natural refrigerant bus....More
Jun 13, 2013

Has It Come to This?

I don't know how the city of Walnut operates, but it's hard to believe the local library is operating on a 50-year old HVAC system. How many energy....More
May 29, 2013


One of my favorite "Far Side" cartoons was the one that showed Ginger the dog getting yelled at by her master. All Ginger heard was,....More
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