Daikin Applied has expanded the Magnitude WMC chiller line to include four additional sizes — WMC125, 200, 225 and 275. Sources report the new range is ideal for most commercial applications including hospitals, small to midsized data centers, schools and office buildings, the expanded line provides greater flexibility for engineers who can now closely match chillers to the specifications of the job and apply magnetic bearing chillers on many more projects.
“Customers have been asking us to expand the capacity options of our Magnitude chillers,” said Bill Dietrich, chiller product general manager at Daikin Applied. “With the recent addition of sizes up to 1500 tons and now with these smaller sized models, Magnitude chillers are available from 100 to 1500 tons. These additional sizes allow us to help engineers simplify and streamline the design process and meet the needs of additional customers.”
With more than 3,000 installations globally, Magnitude’s oil-free, magnetic bearing compressor technology is proven to reduce energy and operating costs while delivering the highest level of reliability. The oil-free technology reduces maintenance costs because there are no conventional bearings or an oil management system. Sustainable efficiency and capacity is assured by the oil-free system design which maintains “as new” performance by eliminating the heat transfer loss when oil contaminates the refrigerant and builds up in the evaporator. Magnitude also meets Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification criteria, qualifying it for LEED EAC4 points.
By offering many new standard options, including hinged heads, water boxes, epoxy and ceramic coatings, Magnitude WMC chillers give owners more options to customize the chiller for their project.
Magnitude magnetic bearing chillers are ideal for new construction as well as replacing chillers in existing applications. Typically they are smaller than the older chiller being replaced and fit through most commercial double doors. Magnitude WMC model chillers are typically in stock, so they can also meet emergency replacement needs.
For more information about the Daikin Magnitude centrifugal chiller line ranging from 100-1500 tons, and related RideThrough, and RapidRestore options for mission critical applications, visit DaikinApplied.com.