A contracting firm’s dispatchers serve as the nerve center of the entire company. The more knowledgeable and capable they are at serving customers and communicating with field personnel, the better they can contribute to the success of the business.

To improve the effectiveness of dispatchers, the Mechanical Service Contractors' (MSCA’s) Dispatcher Professional Development Training Program  is again being offered. Dates are Feb. 11-12, Hilton Ft. Lauderdale Airport, Dania Beach, FL. The training is designed to enhance your dispatcher’s skill set through group exercises, self-assessment tools and discussion groups. Corporate training expert Nancy Bandy of TRAINSITIONS will lead the program. Topics include:

• How to Turn a No into a Positive

• Matching Technician Ability to Customers and Problems

• Applying the Finishing Touches with Correct Follow Up

• Handling Difficult Customers

• Walking in the Technicians’ Boots

• The Art of Asking the Right Questions, and more.

Register at msca.org.