CAS DataLoggers and ECCS have announced that the new I-PLUG+ USB Temperature Data Logger has a new way for users to start recording, by just tearing a strip. Cold chain monitoring couldn't be simpler, says CAS.

CAS DataLoggers and ECCS cold chain solutions have announced that the new I-PLUG+ USB Temperature Data Logger has a new way for users to start recording by just tearing a strip. If the strip is broken, that means the logger has already been started. With this new feature, shippers have physical proof that their personnel have started the logger and can prove it to receivers. Simply tear off the tab to start these low-cost dataloggers. Going by the tab indicator, it’s immediately clear to both users and vendors that the logger has been started and is actively recording and alarming product temperature. Operation is easy--just cut the strip to start the data logger. Users can also press the STOP button to stop logging or bookmark, and can also press STATUS to read alarms. Bright LEDs show status indication so it’s easy to see whenever your product’s temperatures are OK, Below or Over, saving time and helping protect your shipments. Users can quickly set custom alarm limits that watch for excursions out of temperature through the whole trip. Read more at

CAS DataLoggers and Lascar have introduced the new Graphic Dual Channel Thermistor Datalogger as a low-cost solution for temperature monitoring applications. The graphic display’s onscreen menu gives users a quick way to view real-time readings and start or stop the logger in the field, while the large memory and USB port enable standalone recording and quick data download to PC. Additionally, the logger’s highly visible alarm LEDs alert you whenever your temperatures go outside safe limits. Log and graph your data in the field and export to PC using the included software. This portable temperature data logger is especially useful for cold chain supply, medical monitoring for fridges and freezers, and HVAC applications. Give us a call and learn more!

This standalone USB data logger measures and stores over 250,000 temperature readings per channel from the 2 provided thermistor probes over a -40 to +125°C (-40 to +257°F) range at a resolution of 0.1ºC. Users can customize logging rates between 2 seconds and 1 hour, set up recording in C° or F°, set high and low audible alarms, and select start mode (immediate start, push-button start, delayed start or temperature triggered start). Read more by visiting the CAS temperature monitoring blog.