A new product designed by Nippon PMAC will now allow hotels to deliver the comfort, efficiency and room-by-room climate control of a 4-pipe system with no structural alteration to its existing 2-pipe installation.

The system is known as PAFMAC, and will provide hotel guests with room temperatures perfectly suited to their particular tastes, something that is unavailable in most existing hotels. By providing each room with individual climate control the hotels will provide a better guest experience while increasing their own profit margins.

“We were really surprised at how well the system works and how easy it was to install,” said Zack Zahran, General Manager of the Kitano Hotel in New York’s Murray Hill section. “The comfort of our guests is always paramount and the ability for each room to control its own heating and cooling is a significant upgrade on the quality of service we provide.”

The PAFMAC by PMAC is described by sources as the fastest, simplest way to bring high-level functionality and significant cost savings to any hotel with a 2-pipe system looking for an upgrade.

“If you currently operate with a 2-pipe system you are losing guests, and hence money,” says Hiroyuki Higuchi, President of PMAC. “The PAFMAC delivers the individual climate control comfort of a 4-pipe system with minimum installation costs, little construction and minimal down time.” In addition the system is designed to save the property owners a substantial amount of money by avoiding shutting down the property during the installation process and utilizing the existing infrastructure.

Nippon PMAC sources say the end result is increased property values and little installation downtime, while guests enjoy the comfort of individual climate controls in each room.