During AHR Expo 2017, editors from Contracting Business, CONTRACTOR and HPAC Engineering obtained exclusive interviews with major players in a variety of HVACR industry product sectors.

Here, we obtain some insights from Ansley Houston, director, commercial business, for Rinnai.

He says a new WiFi module has now made all RInnai products retrofittable to the Internet, back to several generations of Rinnai products.

Going forward, Houston says contractors can further benefit from having the ability to monitor customers' products. It helps expand their service offering, makes them more valuable, and allows the end-user to control their products better.

In 2017, Rinnai is focusing on presenting its commercial products, with pre-configured systems as one highlight, to allow for faster, less expensive installations. He also shares the news about what Rinnai offers contractors and mechanical engineers at the Rinnai Engineering Center of Excellence.