Tibbetts also learned the value being focused on a few main geographical service areas, instead of trying to expand too quickly.

“Being a regionally-based player is a key to our success. When we first opened our Nashville branch, it was a struggle. But now we have found some good people who have been with us for several years. It takes a while to plant those roots when you're expanding into other markets. When people try to expand too quickly, it can lead to their downfall."

T&O became licensed in South Carolina in 1993, opened a Tennessee office in 2002, and became licensed in Alabama in 2003. Their most recent expansion was into North Carolina in 2013, where they are currently installing a new store.

T&O reached its latest milestone just one month ago, by installing the first carbon dioxide (CO2) transcritical system below the Mason-Dixon line. "It's the first of its kind in the area and we are very proud to be a leader when it comes to new technology." The Hillphoenix system is operating at Sprouts Farmers Market in Dunwoody, GA. T&O is the authorized Hillphoenix dealer for the state of Georgia.

Tibbetts believes the biggest challenge to further implementation of CO2 systems will be in finding technicians who are able work on it. Training will be essential.