Tibbetts and his managers aren’t crazy overseers, but they do stay in contact with field teams daily.

“Our managers work in the field with technicians. I believe that’s a big reason for our success. They stay in tune with what’s happening in the field and with customers.”

Three service managers cover Georgia and Alabama.  Phil Pittman covers North Georgia, Fred Johnson covers South Georgia and Lane Tibbetts covers Alabama.  Branch manager, Jayson Goff covers Tennessee. Each service manager is responsible for a group of technicians divided geographically. Construction manager Charles White oversees all new store builds and remodel projects. Office manager Phyl Marie Weister tends to the administrative side of the business. The five technical managers report directly to Steve.

A Heart for Employees
Steve and Denese Tibbetts are perhaps the most caring husband-wife team in the business. They’ve come to the financial aid of employees in times of need, and will offer them advice when asked.

“I let my people know what I expect from them. They know that I expect a lot, but they also know that I have their back,” Tibbetts says. “I want our employees to be successful, and will do all I can to help them.”

“We just want people to grow as individuals and to help them better themselves,” Denese adds. Towards that goal of helping, T&O provides excellent wages and benefits, including a 5% match on the 401K plan and family health coverage at no cost to the employee.