He’s an old-school guy, but Tibbetts knows it would be foolish to stay entrenched in the past.  Therefore, T&O adapts to new ideas, technologies, and processes as needed. A new service format is an example. In the past, technicians were assigned a territory, and were expected to catch service calls and complete preventive maintenance on their own. They’re now assigned a partner.

“One week, a tech catches service calls for his area, plus his partner’s area, while the partner completes his PMs,” he explains. “They switch roles the following week. This enables each tech to complete their PMs with minimum interruption and has resulted in overall reduced service calls and has reduced our store leak rate substantially.  I’m proud to say our leak rate is single digits.”

All technicians now carry iPhones, which has improved communication and given techs access to email and Internet support.

The company is also upgrading computer hardware and business software (SAMPro, by Data Basics) and is going paperless in August. “This should improve efficiency in many ways. It will allow us to provide more meaningful and timely information to our customers,” Tibbetts explains.