BACnet International, Atlanta, GA, the industry association that facilitates the successful use of the BACnet protocol in building automation and control systems, has named four new members to its board of directors.

The completed board is comprised of seven executives: Andy McMillan, Brad Hill, Paul Jordan, Roland Laird, Raymond Rae, Nancy Stein, and Michael R. Wilson. Hill, Jordan, Rae and Wilson are the new members, The board of BACnet International will continue to focus on expanding the use of the BACnet building automation protocol.

Brad Hill is working as a global technology leader for Honeywell International, where he is involved in developing solutions for the energy domain. He joined Honeywell in 1990 where he was involved in the design and programming of complex integrated control solutions for large projects. He began involvement with BACnet in 1996 through the need to integrate BACnet devices into building management systems.

He began involvement with BACnet in 1996 through the need to integrate BACnet devices into building management systems. In 1999, he began product development work which included the development of a BACnet Operator Workstation, where he acquired a deep knowledge of the BACnet standard, after which time he continued on to lead Building Management product developments, and ultimately govern over them. He holds an MBA, BCompSc (Hons), and a DipElecEng, and is a certified Six Sigma Black Belt and PMP.

Paul Jordan, P.E., is the chief technology officer for American Auto-Matrix, a commercial controls technology leader and US manufacturer. He has held executive positions related to fire protection and environmental controls, and has worked in several other industries. He holds a number of patents for products ranging from the keyless drill chuck to a controller for variable displacement automobile engines. He is a graduate mechanical engineer with degrees from MIT and the University of Toledo, a registered professional engineer, and a former US Army Captain.

Raymond Rae is the vice president of Delta Controls Inc., a full line manufacturer of native BACnet direct digital control (DDC) systems for Building Automation Systems (BAS). Raymond co-founded the Delta Controls Group in 1980, which now has thousands of installations worldwide. Raymond has more than 35 years of experience in the HVAC industry. His background includes: energy auditing, computerized building simulations, system commissioning, controls, engineering, product certifications, design, and marketing. Raymond has been a member of ASHRAE since 1984.

Michael R. Wilson has worked for Automated Logic since 2003, where he currently holds the Business Development Manager position in the OEMCtrl group. He has also volunteered for BACnet International for the past five years, where he has served as the marketing committee chair as well as a member of the steering committee. BACnet has recognized Wilson's leadership and volunteerism on many occasions, where he has won awards for "Always coming to the rescue", "Volunteer of the Year", and for being "An individual who exhibits outstanding leadership". Michael has a strategy and information technology background and has also served as the presentation consultant to CIOs of Delta Air Lines and The Home Depot.

Andy McMillan, BACnet International president, commented on the results of the board elections, “We have a great team of leaders on the board of directors for BACnet International. This group has experience in all areas of building technology and automation.” McMillan added, “As the industry continues to evolve, BACnet International remains committed to providing educational programs and opportunities to help building owners/operators, building engineers and facility managers take full advantage of the BACnet protocol.”

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