Daintree Networks, Inc., a leading provider of open, networked wireless solutions for smart building control and energy management, and LG Electronics USA, announced today they have teamed to create a fully integrated LED lighting solution with wireless control for commercial settings.
Together, the companies have worked to embed wireless communication capability directly into LED drivers used in LG LED lighting fixtures, enabling seamless interaction with Daintree’s ControlScope networked wireless control solution. Initial LG products with wireless drivers include
LED troffer fixtures and retrofit kits. The resulting solution is expected to yield significant savings for users, both in up-front costs and in energy efficiency following installation, benefiting also from the market-leading efficacy of LG LED troffers.

In the ControlScope solution, an intelligent wireless mesh network takes the place of physical control panels and miles of dedicated control wiring.

Using wireless LED drivers eliminates both the expense and installation challenges associated with using a separate wireless adapter, which was required for granular wireless control of overhead troffers in commercial and industrial buildings. Daintree estimates that, with the LG-Daintree solution, companies can expect to save up to 85% per fixture in equipment and labor for installing wireless communication and improve energy efficiency by up to 90%.
“We're seeing excellent results from the integration of Daintree’s open solution with our recessed troffers,” said Dr. Steve Oh, senior vice president in charge of product development for LG’s North American LED Lighting Business. “Customers are increasingly looking for ways to optimize their use of our advanced lighting and other energy products. Enabling our LED troffers and retrofit kits with ZigBee wireless communication capability allows them to connect seamlessly, out-of-the-box, with ControlScope. This will both simplify installation and, we believe, greatly increase adoption of fully networked and controllable LED lighting solutions.”
According to Navigant Research, worldwide revenue from wireless control systems for building automation will reach nearly $295 million by 2020. The firm also estimates that global revenue from networked lighting control equipment within commercial buildings will grow more than 200% by 2020, reaching $5.3 billion. A key growth driver, according to Navigant, is the increasing shift toward solutions based on open standards, which will ultimately simplify installation and improve selection for building managers.
Daintree CEO Danny Yu said, “Collaborating with LG to develop joint solutions for the many markets that use overhead LED troffers is an exciting milestone for Daintree. Like us, LG is seeing growing demand for fully integrated wireless lighting control and believes that deploying open standard solutions is the best approach. Taking full advantage of open standards and interoperability allows best-of-breed, third-party products to join our network platform, broadening customers’ choices and helping keep costs down.”
About Daintree
Daintree Networks provided smart building energy management solutions. Daintree’s ControlScope is an open standards-driven energy management and monitoring solution for lighting, temperature and other energy controls.

About LG
LG Electronics USA, Inc., Englewood Cliffs, N.J., is the North American subsidiary of LG Electronics, Inc., a $52 billion global force and technology leader in consumer electronics, home appliances and mobile communications.