Two Super Seal Products are Available

Cliplight Mfg., Toronto, Canada, has marketed its original, Super Seal air conditioning/refrigeration system reactive leak repair sealant, as Super Seal “Classic,” to differentiate it from Super Seal Total, a preventative leak product that combines a sealant, drying agent, and UV dye tracer.

The Super Seal Classic line consists of Commercial Super Seal (one three-oz. can for systems over 5 tons); HVACR Super Seal (one three-oz. can for systems between 1.5 and 5 tons); and ACR Super Seal (one, one-oz. can for systems under 1.5 tons). The line is formulated for repairing a known pre-existing system leak.

Super Seal Total 1 (for systems up to 5 tons) and Super Seal Total 2 (for systems of more than 5 tons) has only a preventative maintenance dose of Classic sealant, Cliplight's Dry R drying agent, and Flash UV tracer dye in a single can.

Super Seal Classic is a reactive product that is applied to systems when a refrigerant leak can't be located, or is inaccessible for conventional repairs.

Super Seal Total is a proactive preventative maintenance product that includes Dry-R stabilizer/drying agent for small amounts of system moisture, a small dose of Super Seal Classic for potential leaks, and a UV dye, to trace and diagnose future leak points. — Cliplight Manufacturing
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Walk-in Cooler Kit Complies with Energy Codes

Berner International Corp., New Castle, PA, a manufacturer of air curtains and accessories, has introduced the Walk-In Cooler Efficiency Kit, an easy-to-install air curtain and control package that helps foodservice operators, retailers, and restaurants comply with energy code mandates for new and existing walk-in coolers. The Walk-In Cooler Efficiency Kit is a pre-wired 24 volt, 7 × 5 × 4 -in. control/load center with enclosure, and a magnetic reed on/off door switch. It features Berner International's K-Zone air curtain, engineered specifically for walk-in coolers/freezers. The NSF-approved K-Zone ranges from 3- to 6-ft. in length, and features a low profile, for unobstructed walk-in cooler access. Opening the walk-in cooler door activates the one-speed K-Zone via the magnetic reed switch, and immediately limits air infiltration with an airstream across the door opening. The airstream is factory-engineered for precise volume, velocity, and uniformity. — Berner International Corp.
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