Calculator Shows X-Line Energy Savings

Emerson Climate Technologies Inc. has released an online Annual Energy Savings Calculator, that shows estimated annual energy savings based on the application of its Copeland Scroll outdoor condensing units (X-Line) versus standard technologies.

Emerson sources report the compact and efficient X-Line units offer operators of commercial coolers and freezers a potential energy savings of up to 25% over standard technologies.

The 1.5 to 6HP X-Line series offers an upgrade payback of less than one year, based upon energy savings. Additional savings may be available through custom rebate programs through local utility companies. Users are asked to make selections in three categories: box temperature ranges for coolers (-5F to 40F) or freezers (-40F to 0F); geographic cooling zone (chosen via a cooling zone map of North America or a pull-down menu); and local energy rate, based on $/kWh (chosen via a pull-down menu). A video describing the system can be seen at