DEWALT has introduced the Multi-Level Workshop, a 4-level, mobile workstation ideal for transporting and storing large tools, and organizing hand tools, accessories, and other jobsite necessities. The Multi-Level Workshop allows contractors to roll over rough jobsite terrain right to up their work area, whether it be a commercial rooftop or homeowner’s backyard. In one seamless movement users can open and extend the workshop for visible access to four levels of storage. This rolling workshop delivers 90 pounds of load capacity and 22.5 gallons of storage space.


The ACH line of high-pressure brazed heat exchangers from Alfa Laval are single refrigerant circuit units developed for chillers in the 3-23 TR range and heat pumps in the 1-11
TR range. These units are designed for highpressure
refrigeration applications – ideal for use as evaporators for dry expansion and
cooling water, condensers for rejecting or recovering heat to water, de-superheaters for
partial heat recovery to water, and economizers for cooling liquid refrigerant and superheating
vapor refrigerant.

Sources claim the innovation of the ACH line is related to the channel plate design and the patented integrated distributor system, which is pressed together with the plate – ensuring the highest level of quality and performance reliability. ACH heat exchangers are tested and verified
to achieve the highest market performances with HFC refrigerants, including R410A and
natural refrigerants. ACH brazed heat exchangers can also be used as sub-coolers to cool liquid refrigerants using well water and intermediate heat exchangers in the absorption cycle to preheat the diluted solutions or pre-cool the concentrated solution.