At the end of the day, shifting from centralized control at the rack house to case level control provides many benefits to the commercial retailer. A simplified electrical architecture and factory-mounted wiring reduce installation costs. Electronic controls and advanced algorithms shorten startup and commissioning times. Visibility into the system enables insightful diagnostics and improved troubleshooting for maintenance activities. Precise optimization controls through EEVs allow retailers to take advantage of low condensing operation. All of these benefits add up to significant energy consumption reductions and streamlined operations that translate into ongoing savings.


John Wallace has been active in the design and development of electronic control systems for over 20 years holding positions at Boeing, Mark Andy Inc., Computer Process Controls and Emerson Climate Technologies Retail Solutions. Wallace graduated from the University Of Kentucky with a BS degree in Electrical Engineering and the University Of Missouri with a MS degree in Electrical Engineering.  He is a registered Professional Engineer and holds several patents related to HVACR control systems. He has served on many industry committees’ including the Lonmark Refrigeration committee and he currently chairs the NAFEM (North American Food Equipment Manufacturers) Data Protocol standardization committee. He currently holds the position of Director of Innovation for Retail Solutions.